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The Residence of Siberian Grandfather Frost

In the exposition the main characters of Russian fairy tales are presented; in the winter the "Residence of the Grandfather of a Frost" works. In December, 2005 the Russian Grandfather a Frost from Velikiy Ustyug visited Kuzbass. He had presented credentials about that the museum-preserve Tmskaya Pisanitsa" is representation of the Russian Grandfather of a Frost in the Kemerovo region. An opportunity to have a rest in preserved corner of Kuzbass by all family to see expositions, to visit a mini-zoo and to take part in the game program with children became good tradition of the townspeople.

The Kuzbass Grandfather of a Frost gives children the certificate that they have visited his Residence. In a Residence the mail of the Grandfather of a Frost works also. The children of all region write the letters to the Kuzbass Grandfather of a Frost. The Residence works since December till March.



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