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Mythology and epos of Siberian peoples

Mythological Art presents a very important phenomenon of the spiritual history of Siberian peoples. It is a way of explanation and comprehension of the world, a primary from of human spiritual culture. Epos originates from myths as a form of collective oral art of people.

The epos of nationalities characterized by late appearance of written language and literature is notable for peculiar richness.

Siberian peoples belong to this category. The philosophy and the mythology of a nationality, its notions about the Universe, the unity of Man and Nature were reflected in epos. The museum complex is situated on the cult hill above the sanctuary Tomskaya pisanitsa and includes a gallery of ancient cult sculptures, a sacred tree and commemoration places of different epoch.

Purpose of exposition - to show the history of Siberian peoples in the different time through the demonstration of their ideological concepts. It includes the following objects: the "sacred tree", the sculptural means of mythology (mock-ups of the sculptures of the epoch of bronze - early iron), credences of different time, the sacred rock altars and the cult places of Siberian peoples.

This complex is completely based on the historical reconstructions.













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