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Museum of Asian Rock Art

Rock Art is a large part of the world history, culture and art. It reflects outlook of our ancestors. On an example of Rock Art we can understand the way of ancient peoples life. Therefore each memorial of Rock Art attracts special interest not only for scientists, but also for everyone who is interested in history and art.

One can visit individual Rock Art memorials, but because of their specific nature and their hard accessibility it is impossible to examine such a memorial as a whole, to see it as a work of art, as a sphere of human spiritual life. Toward this end we have established the first Russian museum of Asian Rock Art. Its exposition displays the most typical complexes of Rock Art Eurasia.

The basis of the museum is formed by genuine material from Siberia, Far East, Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Korea, Chine, India, Pakistan and others. In the museum You can see Neolithic Art (IV-III millennium B.C.), the Art of the Bronze Age (the end of the III the early I millennium B.C.), the Art of the Iron Age (VII century B.C. the early I millennium A.D.), the Art of the Middle Ages (the second half of the I millennium A.D.) and the Rock Art of the XVIII XIX centuries A.D.

Now the museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa is the largest depository of collections of Asian Rock Art in Russia.




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