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Ancient sanctuary
Tomskaya pisanitsa

Tomskaya pisanitsa is situated on the right bank of the river Tom. Here the nature has created a unique place smooth vertical outputs of a stone and before them a small platform, it is a some kind of the scene. Ancient people could not but use this "gift" of nature. They have transformed this place into a sanctuary where they came to pray to the Gods, ask for them about successful hunting. By the basic character of Tom's Rock Art is handsome elk. Elks were not only objects of prey, they turned into objects of worship, into concentration of vital forces and power.

About hundred figures of these animals are knocked out on the Tomskaya pisanitsa. Also we can see drawings of others representatives of fauna: bears, the fox, the wolf, birds. Many anthropomorphous images are on the Tomskaya Pisanitsa.

These are schematic drawings of people, often wearing animal masks. Among the images solar signs are knocked out. The majority of the images of the Tomskaya pisanitsa date from the the aeneolithic period and Bronze Age, III-II millennium B.C. Drawings of boats and fantastic animals attract special interest. Many peoples of the world associate a boat with the idea of their relatives voyage down the river of the dead, i.e. to the next world.

As a whole the basic idea of the sanctuary is an idea of fertility. The sanctuary served people during several millenniums. And today interest to this memorial does not weaken. Thousand tourists come here to get acquainted with creativity of our far ancestors.






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