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Mongolian jurt

The prefabricated felt jurt meets the requirements of Mongolian nomadism. It takes a heavy load of a wind because of streamline contour. The cover from white felt is pressed to the wooden skeleton with hair rope. In the center of the jurt is a fireplace. A floor is covered with felt and on top of is a felt carpet. The man's half of the jurt is to the left of the entrance. The interior of the jurt differs in a rich color. The furniture and wooden designs are painted in red or orange color and ornaments.

The entrance of the jurt looks the south. Proportions of the jurt recreate model of a sun-dial. An exact time of day is defined according to a place of falling of a solar beam in the jurt. The internal lay-out the jurt is shared conditionally on 12 parts according to a cycle of calendar chronology. Parts have names of east calendars months. The jurt was received as a gift of the governor of the Kemerovo area A.G.Tuleyev in 2000.


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