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About the museum

Historical cultural and natural museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa was founded in 1988. The base of museum is the rock with ancient drawings. In Siberia the rocks and stones with ancient drawings have name pisanitsa. Pisanitsa is hand writing. The drawings of our pisanitsa were made with stone. They were knocked out with light hits. Our museum-preserve is situated on the right bank of the Tom River. That is why it is named Tomskaya Pisanitsa.

Rock Art is a large part of the world history, culture and art. It reflects outlook of our ancestors. Nowadays many monuments of Rock Art are known in the world. Many of them became the museums. However in Russia Tomskaya Pisanitsa is the first museum of Rock Art. The majority of the images of the Tomskaya pisanitsa date from the aeneolithic period and Bronze Age, III-II millennium B.C. Nowadays museum consists of the several archaeological and ethnographical expositions in the open air.

The museum-preserve is the State institute sponsored by the Department for Culture and National policy of Kemerovo region. Head office of museum-preserve is located in Kemerovo. Our museum is young, but for 20 years it became the real museum of the XXI century. It is brand of Kuzbass!

The aims of museum are: providing with varied means of access to its collections, including visual displays, publications and others; providing with interpretive information in formats appropriate for visitors with limited sight or hearing. Also we are targeted the new services for our visitors.
For example plan to build the hotel near the museum-preserve.
The museum-preserve employs over 60 staff in a wide range of capacities to care for the collection.
The museum is governed by the Director Valery Kaplunov who is appointed by the Department for Culture and National policy of Kemerovo region.

The Director is responsible for the general management and control of the Museum through the adoption of its Annual Plan.
He appoints Senior manager who head Finance department. The Finance Department deals with the accounting of private and public funds, budgetary systems, banking arrangements and payments.
Senior manager of Public Relations reports to director. She is responsible for managing the museum's profile through the media. The Marketing team plans and implements advertising campaigns to raise awareness of the museum, its collection and activities.

Manager of a household and Building Department maintain the buildings, including the air conditioning and lighting, supervises improvement and refurbishment schemes, and is responsible for cleaning, general purchasing, telecommunications and general office services including computers, stationery and porterage.

Manager of Human Resources is responsible for the museum's policies for the recruitment, development and management of its staff, including advertising and recruiting, training, pay, conditions of service, pensions and welfare. Manager of Human Resources works under the director.
Senior manager of science is responsible for the activity of Collections department and Scientific departments.

Each curator is responsible for the care, display, cataloguing and general educational presentation of the group of exhibits in their care.
They also advise on loans and acquisitions and help to organise exhibitions. (The exhibits are divided between curators according to material and also by period.)
Exhibitions department organises and mounts exhibitions, plans and co-ordinates exhibition programmers.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa is the brand of Kuzbuss.
The turnover is 5 000 000 rouble. The total number of visits made to our museum during 2009 was 93 727, against a target of 80 000.


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