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Holidays at museum-preserve

For many years working in museum-preserve holiday culture is inalienable part. The most prominent holidays are Christmas, Maslenitsa, Trinity Sunday, Easter, Bratchina- pir (the holiday of harvest), Ivan Kupala (St. John the Baptist).

Saving nation distinctive culture and meeting a large group of people, no doubt, id significant moment in the museum work.

The birthday of Father Frost

Kuzbass Father Frost celebrates his birthday on 5th December. On that day his residence opens in protected forest Tomskaya Pisanitsa to stand until spring, gladden all children, who came to Father Frost on a visit. The residence of Father Frost works every Saturday and Sunday during 3 months: December, January, and February.
The celebration gives a send-off in all days in winter holidays.


On the 7th of January Russians celebrates Christmas. For the participants invites special folk music group in Kemerovo and Kemerovskaya oblast. Many people interested to participate in theatricalize action. Young girls tell fortunes intended, listen Christmas carols. Generally, arol-singing obtains major distribution in our region. This is old traditional form of greetings, glorification, wishes to people. This event finishes by holiday firework.


This folk holiday attracts year by year more and more visitors. In traditional bringing snow town participate with pleasure children and adults. They want to show their power and boldness. Impatiently visitors wait burning the Maslenitsas straw. They reels around burning straw and smears each other ashes.


In March celebrates national holiday Chyl-Paszhi (meeting New Year by the calendar of Sayano-Altai) with use the exhibits of museum-preserve, in which present the culture of Sayano-Altai region. On holiday shows reconstructed ceremony and festal show with participation of national groups. (shors, teleuts, khakass, altai).
Visitors of the holiday meet with national cuisine of Sayano-Altai, games and decorative and applied arts. This holiday makes an opportunity to introduce habitans and visitors of Kemerovskaya oblast with material and spiritual culture, traditions and customs of indigenous Sayano-Altai population. Create for a large audience of visitors basic elements spiritual heritage native Turkic peoples of south Siberia in natural area.

Day of birds

This holiday is well-calculated primarily for childish and adolescent audience. The base of this holiday characterized by meeting with the nature of native region, in our case with the nature of museum-preserve in concrete eco environment. It is important part in upbringing of the younger generation.
Young visitors with great pleasure watches show childish folk staff. They participate in thematic theatricalize playing programme, quiz, specialized to birds. They construct themselves racks and starling-house for birds.


Having great significance by spiritual essence holiday Easter celebrates in our museum for many years. This holiday had his own direction and audience in our museum.
In organization and holding this holiday in museum-preserve makes old friendly terms with Kemerovo eparchy. Representatives of Kemerovo eparchy relates with understanding for holding such events. Also they tries to help the museum to conduct events.

Trinity Sunday

For the 50th day after Easter at the territory of museum-preserve celebrates the holiday - Trinity Sunday. Showcase decorates with branches of young birch. In the course of holiday leads contests Trinity brides, festival kazak culture, takes place the ceremony of involution birches, the involution of garlands and omission themselves by water with symbol of the holiday- birch. Visitors of the holiday entertains to Trinity fried eggs and round loaf. All participants and guests congratulates votary of churches.

International Children's Day

This holiday is charitable. In this day in museum invites schoolchild junior school, children from orphanage, boarding school. For children conducts playful programme with gifts and fare.

Kupala Day

This holiday dedicated summer solstice. Traditionally, through many years takes place in big field of holidays in riverside Tom. Kupala Day is favourite in nation. About 10000 people gather together to participate in bathing ceremony, reel around bathing fire, meet the sun, bathe in the river. Traditional personages in this holiday are Kupala, Agaphena Kupalnica, Water sprite, mermaids.

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