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The nature of the museum-preserve

The territory of the museum-preserve includes pine forests rare for the Kemerovo region which extend along the right bank of the Tom in a narrow strip, and small areas of meadows and birch forests too. Along the river Pisanaya one can see brushwoods of flood plain willow beds. Stony southern slopes of the native bank of the Tom are covered with steppe plants. The flora of the "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" is abundant and varied. On the territory of the museum there are about 400 species of higher plants (these are about of the whole flora of the Kemerovo region); among them 39 species of trees and bushes, the rest are herbaceous plants. About 40 species of the plants are rare for Kuzbass and need protection, 5 species are tertiary relics, 1 species Stipa pennata is included into the Red Book.

A pine forest occupies about 90% of the preserve territory. Along the river Pisanaya one can see brushwoods of flood plain willow beds. Stony southern slopes of the native bank of the Tom are covered with steppe plants. Here one can meet such plants as Pteridium aquilinum, Aegopodium podagraria, Carex macroura, Lilium martagon, Adenophora liliifolia, Pyrda media dozens of species of meadow herbs. Steppe vegetation includes such plants rare for the region as Dianthus versicolor, Viola rupestris, Allium nutans, Festuca valessiaca, Stipa capillata, Thymus serpyllium.

The fauna of the museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa is also varied. An ancient moose path crosses the preserve leading to a ford over the Tom and mooses frequently go along it. In winter one can meet wolves and lynxes here. Foxes, minks, kolinskies, ermines, weasels, badgers, hares, squirrels, chipmunks are constant inhabitants of the museum-preserve. There are many small rodents here mice and voles, 3 species of bats, shrews.

The fauna of birds is broadly represented, it consists of about 150 species. Among them 60 species are nesting, the rest are transit and wintering. In summer ones attention can be attracted by kites gliding over the river, chaffinches singing in the forest, wagtails running along the bank. Here one can meet large falcons which are registered in the Red Book of Russia. In winter one can meet bullfinches, waxwings, a polar owl. During all seasons the forest is alive with numerous tomtits, woodpeckers and nuthutches. Two species of poisonous snakes inhabit the territory of the museum-preserve the ordinary adder and the copperhead, the viviparous and the agile lizards, the gray toad and the pointed-muzzled frog.

On the territory of Tomskaya Pisanitsa one can see plenty of varied insects, spiders, mollusk. There is a mini zoo on the territory of the museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa. It is only one stationary zoo in the Kemerovo region. As an adoptive parent of our animals, your gift will be directed to the zoo's animal care.

Museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa appreciates to all organizations and private persons who have shown sincere interest and live participation in destiny of the zoo's animals.

Photos of the minizoo's animals
Photos of nature of the museum-preserve



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