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Museum news

December 16, 2014   New Year Themed Entertainment Program

On Saturday- and Sunday, December 20-21, Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve hosts winter themed entertainment program entitled Taina Ledyanogo Lartsa (Mystery of the Ice Chest).

Museum welcomes whole families to come and join us in a Father Frost’s Wonderland. Take part in relay races, games and competitions. The chief Kuzbass Father Frost will amaze young visitors with small miracles.

Learn New Year’s songs and dance around beautiful New Year’s tree along with fairytale characters.

For the first time in its history the museum hosts fairytale and costumed characters dance flashmob. You can become a part of it!

Get in a festive mood! Come and enjoy museum’s New Year themed entertainment!

December 16, 2014   Museum Reserve Staff Participate in Scientific Conferences

The Museum Reserve employees took part in various scientific conferences during November - December of the current year.
Valery Kaplunov, museum director, on November 18-22 took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Museum Reserves are Museums of the Future” with the report “Tomskay Pisanitsa Museum Reserve as a Unique Tourist Site.” The conference was held in Elabuga, Republic of Tatarstan.

On November 27, Valery Kaplunov took part in 6th Russian Country Youth Rally in Bratislava. During the expert session, “Attracting Private and Public Investment,” he spoke on “Experience of Raising Funds in the Tomskay Pisanitsa Museum Reserve.”
On December 11, Valery Kaplunov participated in the round table discussion on Effect of Tourism on Regional Development. He spoke on “Tourist Potential of the Northern Territories of Kuzbass.” Round table was held in the framework of the Investment Projects Fair, organized by the Administration of the Kemerovo region together with the Chamber of Commerce.

On December 12-13, Tourism, Tours and PR Director Larisa Yusifova participated as an expert in Scientific and Practical Conference “Exploiting the Potential of Nature Sanctuaries for Ecotourism."
The conference was held in the Altai State University in Barnaul.

Larisa Yusifova spoke at a roundtable on “Tomskay Pisanitsa Monument of Rock Art Musefication is a step Towards the Development of Scientific and Ecological Tourism.”

Elena Borisova museum event manager studied children's art school “Traditsiya” (Tradition) in the Vlasikha village in Barnaul and experience in preparing and opening of the winter season in the Altai “Altayskaya Zimovka”(Altai wintering).

October 25, 2014   National Unity Day

The Museum Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa will host a patriotic concert, dedicated to the celebration of National Unity Day on Tuesday, November, 4 at 1:00 p.m.

The concert features a special themed performance entitled “Yedin Narod - Silna Rossiya” (One Nation – Strong Russia), during which the audience will learn about the history of the holiday and enjoy best of our country’s poetry. It also includes performances of talented singer Alexander Zaichenko and students of Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts.

Families are welcome to come to Tomskaya Pisanitsa this day and take part in fun sport competitions. As part of the project “Vozrozhdenie Narodnykh Igr” (Folk Games Revival) museum staff will hold a special workshop, intended to familiarize visitors with games and amusements of the Siberian peoples of Kuzbass.

This day the museum prepared a pleasant surprise for its visitors: a friendship pie and fragrant tea in the Governor's Tea Room.

October 23, 2014   Night of Art at the Kemerovo Regional Museum of Local Lore

Department of the history of the Kemerovo Regional Museum of Local Lore hosts the “Night of Art” on Monday, November 3, 2014 starting from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at 51, Sovetskaya Str., Kemerovo.

Kemerovo Regional Museum of Local Lore and Tomskaya Pisanitsa Historical, Cultural and Natural Museum Reserve offer an ethnic style entertainment program entitled “Vozvrashchenie k Istokam” (Back to Basics). Join us for an evening of activities inspired by the Siberian peoples art and culture. Come and taste a traditional Turkic dish talkan. Enjoy a guided tour of the exhibition, featuring items that belonged to people inhabiting Kemerovo region from the Early Bronze Age to the present day. Learn about a way of life and traditional beliefs of indigenous peoples of Kuzbass through hunting, wedding and shamanic ritual reenactments.

Participate in a pottery making workshop which will be held during the night. Tibetan singing bowls will accustom guests with Buddhist traditions. Be there and enjoy a special themed laser show.

Discover the instrumental and vocal culture of Siberian peoples through a special performance by Altyn Ai student folk group of Turkic-speaking peoples of Siberia from Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts. Come and hear a throat singing, the unique art of the peoples of the Altai-Sayan region.

The event also features a ritual masks auction and short film screenings about the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Siberia.

October 21, 2014   Panel discussion: “Role of National Public Associations and Centers of National Culture in Conservation of Ethno-Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development of Indigenous Peoples” in Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve hosted a panel discussion on “Role of National Public Associations and Centers of National Culture in Conservation of Ethno-Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development of Indigenous Peoples” at “Ethnic Minority Groups in the Space of the Dominant Society: Practice of Applied Research and Effective Instruments of Ethnic Politics” national conference, on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

The conference was organized by the Kemerovo State University, Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts, Department of Culture and National Policy of Kemerovo region and Kemerovo regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society NGO with the support of the Russian Foundation for Humanities.

Upon arrival at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve, museum staff dressed in traditional costumes and Altyn Ai student folk group of Turkic-speaking peoples of Siberia from Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts met the panel’s participants.

Russian and foreign researchers discussed key issues of Indigenous Peoples of Siberia and Kuzbass. They proposed possible solutions to these issues: developing ethno-tourism, strengthening connections with cultural institutions, preschools to familiarize students with indigenous culture and universities to train ethnologists.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve is a perfect example of the preservation of traditional culture of indigenous peoples of Kuzbass. In his speech “Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve’s Experience in Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples of Kuzbass,” museum director V. A. Kaplunov spoke on main directions of preservation work.

At the end of the panel the participants received a guided tour of the museum.

October 15, 2014   Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Staff Participated in the International Historical and Cultural Forum in Veliky Novgorod

On October 8-10, 2014, Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Director V.A. Kaplunov and Deputy Director for Science A.F. Pokrovskaya participated in the International Historical and Cultural Forum, organized by the Russian World Foundation and Novgorod State United Museum.

Experts from twelve countries and from 140 scientific, museum and restoration organizations gathered in Novgorod, Russia’s oldest city, to discuss problems of conservation and study of works of art, architecture and archeology.

V.A. Kaplunov speech on “Creation of Architectural and Ethnographic Exhibition ‘Russkie Pritom’ya’ in the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve” aroused great interest among the participants of the forum.

A.F. Pokrovskaya in her speech analyzed the most effective ways to create a positive image of the regional museum on the Internet on the example of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve.

A special cultural program for the participants was included in the forum program and featured tours of Novgorod State Museum Reserve collections, historical monuments and Veliky Novgorod’s art and architecture.

September 17, 2014   Trip of Future Conservators in Semirechye (Kazakhstan)

An International Training Workshop on Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of Monuments of Rock Art was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on September from 1 to 10, 2014.
The event was organized by “Ostrov Krym” Scientific Restoration Laboratory. The main goal of the project was to train a number of Siberian archeologists the basics of restoration. The organizers hope that in the future the archeologists will be able to save from destruction the unique monuments of rock art in Siberia. Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Senior Researcher Konstantin Kononchuk took part in the workshop.

The “Ostrov Krym” is a unique laboratory dedicated to scientific restoration and full reconstruction of archaeological finds and other cultural monuments. The “Ostrov Krym” is known for its reconstructions of the “Zolotogo Cheloveka” (Golden Man), “Sobiratel'noiy Obraz Sakskogo Voina” (Saka Warrior), “Sarmatskiy Vozhd”(Sarmatian Leader), “Berel'skie Koni”(Berel Horses), “Voin Po Materialam Mogil'nika Taldy 2” (Taldi 2 Warrior Memorial), “Sarmatskaya Zhritsy iz Kompleksa Taksay I”(Sarmatian Priestess of the Taxanes I Complex) and many others. Krym Altynbekov, art conservator, is a founder and leader of the scientific and restoration laboratory. Unique highly qualified specialists with unique expertise in the restoration field work in the studio under his leadership.

One of the activities of this unique laboratory is the restoration and conservation of rock art sites. The “Ostrov Krym” conservators worked on petroglyphs on the Tamgaly Site, included into the UNESCO World Heritage.

Several laboratory workshops were organized for the workshop’s participants, which familiarized young professionals with the basics of restoration. They learned the main ways of masking the anthropogenic damage that hinders adequate perception of petroglyphs. An artificial patination is one of the useful conservation methods. The artificial patination consists of depositing a microcrystalline layer of oxides of iron and manganese on the damaged rock surface. This method allows conservators to recreate the natural color of an ancient monument. Two field workshops on the Republic’s unique monuments: Buddhist complex Tamgalytas and Museum Reserve Tamgaly were held in addition to lab workshops. During the workshop, not only the conservators, but also prominent Kazakh archeologists A.E. Rogozhinskiy and V.A.Novozhenov shared their experience with the participants.

The workshop program included an entertainment program for the participants. They received a city and its surroundings tour, during the tour participants visited “Medeo” skating rink and “Chimbulak” ski resort. The participants were fascinated by this little journey through the lands of the so called “golden cradle” or, how Kazakhs call it, Zhetysu (Seven Rivers). The participants got an inspiration for further scientific work.

After participants completed the international training workshop, they received certificates signifying the beginning of their journey in the field of rock art monument conservation. In closing remarks, both sides expressed their deep interest in the further cooperation. The event gives hope that a huge number of ancient rock art monuments in Siberia, including Tomskaya Pisanitsa, will be preserved for future descendants.

August 19, 2014   2014 Inter-Regional Classic Car Show “Retro-Siberia”

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve hosted the annual Inter-Regional Classic Car Show “Retro-Siberia” on Saturday-Sunday, August 16-17, 2014. The event was organized by the Kemerovo Classic Car Lovers Club “Retroguberniya” and Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve. The media partners of the event were Moy Gorod TV channel and Retro FM radio.

Classic cars, motorcycles and mopeds were put on display along the main alley of the museum. On Saturday, August 16 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the main stage of the museum featured a family entertainment, including music, contests, quizzes, games and prizes. Along with the display of classic cars, the event included an exhibition “All Things Vintage”, which featured rare items: watches, cameras, bags, old magazines and more. During the day visitors were able to experience a ride in the passenger seat of a classic vehicle.

The Award Ceremony started at 6:00 p.m. The show featured more than 70 classic cars, including 1950 GAZ-67, 1954 Moskvich-401, and 1971 Volkswagen Karmann. More than 100 car owners represented Kemerovo and Novosibirsk Regions and Altai Krai.

1st Place winner Evgeny Novitsky, Tyazhin, GAZ M-20.
2nd Place winner Alexander Rudakov, Guryevsk, Moskvich-400.
3rd Place winner Evgeny Tomy, Novosibirsk, GAZ-21.
Alexei Marchenko, Novosibirsk, 1967 Mustang, received 2014 “Retro-Siberia” Grand Prix.
Alexei Bedrin, Kemerovo, SMZ S-3A, received the People's Choice Award.

Fireworks on the Polyana Prazdnikov concluded the celebration.

Over 5,000 people visited the museum during the weekend.

August 11, 2014   6th Interregional Bard Song Festival in memory of Nikolai Smolski “Spas na Tomi”

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve hosted the 6th Interregional Bard Song Festival in memory of Nikolai Smolski “Spas na Tomi” (Savior of the Apple Feast Day on the Tom River) on August 8-10, 2014.
The festival featured performers from Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Gorno-Altaysk and Moscow.

The event kicked off on Friday, August 8, at 9:00 p.m. on the stage near the Chapel with a memorial service and the concert in memory of deceased bards “Ukhodya ostavit' svet eto bol'she chem ostat'sya” (Your afterglow will last long, even after you're gone). Friday evening continued with balloon release into the sky, symbolizing the souls of departed bards. The night concluded with singing around the campfire on the Polyana Prazdnikov.

On Saturday, August 9, a non-stop music entertainment started at noon on the Museum’s Main stage. A contest for the Best Child Singer was held from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the “Fairy Tale” exhibition. N. Ulyanova (Barnaul), O. Pronin (Barnaul), I. Rechetov (Krasnoyarsk) and S. Nesterenko (Novosibirsk) were members of the jury. All participants in the kids' contest received a guitar shaped cake as a prize.

In addition to the music entertainment, the festivities included workshops on guitar playing techniques, lead by renowned performers and judges of the festival: Irina Orischenko (Gorno-Altaysk), Alexander Perov (Moscow), Pavel Fahrtdinov (Moscow) and Roman Lankin (Tomsk).

A gala concert started at 9:00 p.m. featuring performances by contest’s finalists and winners: A. Yagovkin (Tomsk, nomination “Artist”), B. Weinstein (Tomsk, nomination “Poet”), N. Koninin (Tomsk, nomination “Poet”), O. Fedorova (Nazarovo, Krasnoyarsk Krai, nomination “Artist”), A. Fedorov (Nazarovo, Krasnoyarsk Krai, nomination “Songwriter”), Slavs Ensemble (Nazarovo, Krasnoyarsk Krai, nomination “Group”). All participants received diplomas and gifts from the museum. M. Grigorieva (Kemerovo), winner in the adult category “Artist,” received a branded wall clock from the Tomskaya Pisanitsa. Chertova Anastasia (Kemerovo), Sergei Skuratov (Kemerovo) and Andrey Nikishin (Kemerovo) were named winners of the Best Child Singer contest and also received a wall clock.

The ultimate prize, the guitar from the Kemerovo region governor, received the winner in the “Songwriter” category Ignatova Elena, singer-songwriter from Abakan.

A humorous song concert entitled “Chaikhana” started at midnight on the glade.

On Sunday, August 10, bard song fans came to the final concert “Prazdnik pesni prodolzhaetsya” (Song Festival Continues), held on the main stage from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00p.m. The audience sang along with performers a song by Irina Orischenko “Pisanitsa Spas na Tomi.”

The festival featured a special performance by the “Mi” duo. The “Mi”(We) duo was formed in 2007, and consists of Alla Radzivilova, the 2008 finalist of the Grushinsky Bard Song Festival, and Alexey Kuzin, winner of the “Bab'e leto” festival in Yurga. The duo has already found a loyal fan base among bard song lovers.

In the sixth years of its existence Spas na Tomi Festival became one of the well-known bard song festivals.

August 11, 2014   Inter-Regional Classic Car Show “Retro-Siberia”

The annual Inter-Regional Classic Car Show “Retro-Siberia” will be held at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve on Saturday-Sunday, August 16-17, 2014.

The event organized by the Kemerovo Classic Car Lovers Club “Retroguberniya” and Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve. The media partners of the event are Moy Gorod TV channel and Retro FM radio.

The show will feature up to 50 classic cars provided by car owners representing Kemerovo and Novosibirsk Regions and Altai Krai.

Along with the display of classic cars, there will be an exhibition “All Things Vintage”, which will feature rare items: watches, cameras, bags, old magazines and more. In addition, the event offers a unique experience to all who attend to ride in the passenger seat of a classic vehicle.

The museum presents a variety of family entertainment on the main stage, from 1:00- 6:00 p.m., on Saturday, August 16, including music, contests, quizzes, games, prizes and 80’s dance party.

Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony at 6:00 p.m. Come to the Classic Car Show and vote for your favorite classic car to determine the winner of People's Choice Award.

August 4, 2014   6th Interregional Bard Song Festival in memory of Nikolai Smolski “Spas na Tomi”

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve hosts the 6th Interregional Bard Song Festival in memory of Nikolai Smolski “Spas na Tomi” (Savior of the Apple Feast Day on the Tom River) from August 8-10, 2014.

The festival features performers from Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo region, Krasnoyarsk, Gorno-Altaysk and Moscow.

On Friday, August 8, a memorial service and the concert in memory of deceased bards “Ukhodya ostavit' svet eto bol'she chem ostat'sya” (Your afterglow will last long, even after you're gone) will get the evening started on the stage near the Chapel at 9:00 p.m. Friday evening continues with balloon release into the sky, symbolizing the souls of departed bards. The night will conclude with singing around the campfire on the Polyana Prazdnikov entitled “Nashim pesnyam net vozrasta, sroka davnosti net.” The festival includes a special performance by the “Mi” duo. The “Mi”(We) is a duo formed in 2007, and consists of Alla Radzivilova, the 2008 finalist of the Grushinsky Bard Song Festival, and Alexey Kuzin, winner of the “Bab'e leto” festival in Yurga. The duo has already found a loyal fan base among bard song lovers.

On Saturday, August 9, a non-stop entertainment kicks off at noon and will take place across two stages - on the Museum’s Main stage and within the “Fairy Tale” exhibition. In addition to the music entertainment, the festivities include workshops on guitar playing techniques, lead by renowned performers:
1. Roman Lankin (Tomsk) - the winner of the “2 Kanal” (2002) and the Grushinsky Festival (2004), a guest of honor at many bard festivals
2. Irina Orischenko (Gorno-Altaysk) - in 2010, she released a “Ya prosto zhivu” compilation album. All her music released by East Wind Artel, Moscow
3. Pavel Fahrtdinov (Moscow) - the winner of numerous festivals, including the Grushinsky Bard Song Festival and the “Petersburg Accord” Festival
4. Alexander Perov (Moscow) - the winner of the Grushinsky festival; ex-leader of the“Zerkalo” Ensemble; organizer and leader of the “Zvezdochety” Bard Song Quartet

On Sunday, August 10, a “Poyushchie na Spas” gala concert begins at 1:00 p.m. on the main stage, bringing together bard song fans to enjoy music and listen and watch their favorite artists.

The development of the creative potential of young people and their active involvement in the poetry and song creation, preservation and enhancement of historical and cultural heritage of Kuzbass, as well as support and development of bard song - the main aim of the event.

July 30, 2014   Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve completed an architectural-ethnographic field survey

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve completed an architectural-ethnographic field survey, led by Ludmila Anatolevna Skryabina, Ph.D., on Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

Members of the expedition carried out a field research in rural settlements of Topkinsky, Yaysky, Izhmorsky, Mariinsky, Tyazhinsky, Tisulsky, and Chebulinsky Districts of Kemerovo region. During fieldwork, researchers photographed old houses and window surrounds, completed dimensioned drawings of homes and outbuildings, and interviewed locals. Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve accessioned into the collection items people used for decades.

July 29, 2014   Day of the Baptism of Russia Celebration

A special program dedicated to the Day of the Baptism of Russia kicked off at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, July 28, 2014 at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve.

Christianity became the official state religion in 988, but celebration in honor of one of the major milestones in its history was recently established in Russia. The then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev approved amendments to the Federal Law “Days of Military Glory and Memorable Dates in Russia” on June 1, 2010. Since then, Day of the Baptism of Russia was included in the list of memorable dates.

On this day, July 28, Russian Orthodox Church commemorates Prince Vladimir, also known as “Vladimir the Red Sun.” Vladimir was the grandson of Grand Duchess Olga, who was baptized in Constantinople and tried to instill in her grandson love and respect for the Christian faith.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve held a celebratory prayer service led by the priest Vyacheslav Morozov on July 28 at the Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius. The event also featured a literary outreach program presented by the museum staff on the site near the chapel. A concert of bell music, performed by Alexander Nikolayevich Karetin, bell ringer of St. Sergius of Radonezh parish in Komissarovo village, closed the event. Strengthening the view of the baptism of Rus as a special historical date in the life of the Slavic peoples in the public mind was the main aim of the event.

Over 300 people the event attended.

July 22, 2014    “Praise Tom River” Celebration at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve

The festivities started with a solemn speech of the Kemerovo Mayor Valery Ermakov, a welcome speech by Sergey Solovyov CEO of KemVod JSC, and congratulations on 80th anniversaries on the main stage of the museum.

A beautiful concert was offered to the public, featuring performances by “Kudesy” folk ensemble, singer Tatiana Demina, “Shakhtersky Ogoniok” choreographic ensemble. Children and adults alike thoroughly enjoyed a soap bubble show.

Costumed characters, Dog and Petrushka, along with Stilt Angels greeted guests at the central avenue. Near the well, lively characters Ivan and Maria offered to visitors to make a wish by throwing a coin into a well or tying a ribbon on a tree.

A family entertainment program filled with fun and gifts kicked off at 1:00 p.m. at the “Fairy Tale” stage, where guest could listen to live music performed by “Slavs” ensemble before its start.

Vodovoz, Vodyaony and mermaids greeted guest at the main stage. Vodovoz was undoubtedly a hero of this event. He handed out bottles of water to people to freshen up on that hot summer day.

The event closed with ceremony of sending out the number “80,” made out of white and blue balloons, float down the river.

The celebration was held under the slogan “Praise Tom River!” The vibrant and memorable event gathered more than 3,000 people.

July 8, 2014   Study of the State of Conservation of the Nizhnetomsk Petroglyphs Complex

A comprehensive study of the state of conservation of the Nizhnetomsk petroglyphs complex was carried out on June 21-27, 2014 at the Museum-Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa.
The study was conducted by Architectural Restoration Workshop (St. Petersburg) Ltd., represented by Stanislav Schigorets, restorer (Stone and Ceramics Specialist), and Dmitry Vlasov, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, mycologist (Lichen Specialist), Siberian Association of Researchers in Primitive Art represented by its Vice-President Elena Miklashevich and Leonid Bove and Museum Reserve represented by Irina Rusakova, Ph.D. in History, scientific adviser, Anna Muhareva, Ph.D. in History, senior researcher, and Konstantin Kononchuk, senior researcher.
The research program included: aerial survey using UAV quadcopter and infrared photography, surface survey to study and evaluate the ancient images in the lower reaches of the River Tom.

The meeting of the scientific and methodological Museum Council, based on the survey results, decided to form a comprehensive plan to study the state of Nizhnetomsk petroglyphs and to carry out conservation and restoration work at the museum-reserve.

July 8, 2014   Ivan KupalaÒs Eve at Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve hosted their annual folk show “Ivan Kupala’s Eve,” one of the most exciting events of the summer, on Sunday night, July 6-7, 2014.

The festivities kicked off at the Polyana Prazdnikov (Holiday Glade) with the final stage of the “Sibirskie Samotsvety” regional contest of folklore collectors and performers at 6:00 p.m. Visitors listened and watched performances of more than 30 singers and amateur art ensembles. “The Water Spirits Ball” hosted by Vodyanoy started at 10:00p.m. Last year host of the Ball arrived on a motorcycle, and this year Vodyanoy and his entourage arrived to a Holiday Glade in a brightly illuminated boat. The main characters of the story are a country boy Alyosha and Vodyanoy’s daughter Malena, whose story proved once again that love will save us all.

Highlights of the night included a “Searching for the Fern Blossom” treasure hunt. The winner, who found the “fern flower,” received a soccer ball bean bag from the sponsor.

According to legends, Ivan Kupala’s Eve filled with rituals associated with cleansing fire. Tesla Show and fire show by “Integral” show group represented this long-standing tradition.

A huge Kupala’s bonfire was lit at midnight and fireworks lit up the sky over the museum.

Museum Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa held first time in its history Battle of the Cover Bands hosted by Russian Radio personalities Asya Perova and Arseny Snegirev. “Alye Parusa” band became the winner of the Battle.

In addition to the show program, numerous contests with prizes and gifts from the partners of the event were held on two stages throughout the night. Varied merchandise, including the popular Kupala wreaths, brought the unique touches to the Ivan Kupala’s Eve celebration. Attendees experienced the magic of fiery African rhythms provided by special guest of the night, drum group “Afro Rumba Show” from Tomsk.

Dance stage started its work at 10 p.m., featuring sets from the best Kemerovo DJs and special entertainment provided by the Moy Gorod TV channel. An extravagant show filled with different kinds of music, strobe lights, great hosts, numerous contests, joy and festive atmosphere created a memorable evening for all. Sun salutation ceremony on the river bank concluded the event.

More than 6,000 people attended the annual Ivan Kupala’s Eve celebration.

June 25, 2014   Family Fun Day

Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness, celebrated on July 8, when the Church commemorates the Holy Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia of Murom.

The Museum Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa declared this day a “Day of Family Fun.”
Museum staff has prepared a pleasant surprise for visitors - free admission for kids under 14. Come and bring your family to the Museum Reserve. Explore the museum, have a nice walk through the forest and visit a mini-zoo, have a cup of tea in the Governor's Tea Room, visit the Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius.
Also, you can “make a flight into the unknown” by visiting the Planetarium.
True story transferred through time and became a beautiful tale of wisdom and true love, of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the people pure in heart and humble before God. Peter and Fevronia lived a good life, always supported each other, died in a one day and hour. The spouses were buried together in the city of Murom at the cathedral church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin and believers, who came to their place of burial, will be healed.

June 24, 2014   Ivan Kupala’s Eve

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve will host Ivan Kupala’s Eve, one of the most anticipated events of the summer, on Sunday night, July 6-7, 2014.

The celebration will take place in two museum venues, Holiday Glade (Polyana Prazdnikov) and dance stage.

The festivities kick off at the Polyana with the final stage of the Sibirskie Samotsvety regional contest of folklore collectors and performers at 6 p.m.
Come and see performances of more than 30 singers and amateur art ensembles.

It is believed that on Ivan Kupala’s Eve evil spirits become more active, therefore, according to popular belief, one should stay up all night. Kikimora, Leshy, Vodyanoy are the main characters of the theatrical show, which follows the concert.

Ivan Kupala’s traditions are associated with water, fire and herbs. People used to make a huge bonfire possessing magical powers that ward off all evil spirits. Of course, Tomskaya Pisanitsa will have a bonfire like that. Museum guests will be able to dance around it and warm up beside it at night.

From ancient times, Ivan Kupala is associated with fortune-telling rituals, preserved until today. The custom involved young girls throwing wreaths into the water to know how soon they will get married. According to the tradition, a girl whose wreath, with a lit candle in the center, floats will be happily married, but, if the wreath sinks significant other will stop loving her.

Many customs and traditions, associated with the plant world, are an important part of Ivan Kupala celebration. The most popular one is searching for the fern flower, usually associated with a treasure hunt. The beautiful fern blossom, which blooms ever so briefly on Midsummer’s Eve, gives the one who picks it the ability to see all the treasures, no matter how deep they are in the ground. Museum guests will be able to try their luck in the search for the magic fern flower that brings wealth.

Ivan Kupala’s Eve will feature contests, games and fun for all comers.
There will be also handicrafts for sale, including birch bark crafts and people’s favorite Kupala wreaths.

Come and join Russkoe Radio hosts at the first Battle of the Cover Bands in the museum history.
The program also features:
  • Tesla show, laser show, water show;
  • Mermaid Aerilists;
  • Afro-Rumba show;
  • Prizes;
  • Fireworks;
  • Singing and dancing!
Dance stage will start its work at 10 p.m. Enjoy an extravagant show filled with different kinds of music, strobe lights, joy and festive atmosphere.

From midnight enjoy an additional entertainment from Moy Gorod TV channel at the dance stage.

Participants of competitions and games not only have a chance to win numerous prizes, but also to have a memorable experience.

Party all night with the best Kemerovo DJs!

The program concludes at 5 a.m.

June 23, 2014   Tatar-Bashkir Regional Holiday Sabantuy

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve hosted a regional Tatar-Bashkir holiday “Sabantuy” at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 21, 2014.
Sabantuy (Saba - plow and tuyi - holiday) is a Tatar-Bashkir national holiday dedicated to the end of spring field work. This holiday always had a big celebration filled with fun, traditional food, singing and dancing.
A concert and entertainment program featured performances by ensembles and solo performers representing their national communities. Traditional songs and dances familiarized the audience with Tatar and Bashkir unique and diverse culture.
Delegates from all over Kuzbass gathered to perform and demonstrate their creative skills in the “Natsionalnoe Podvorye” (National Coaching Inn) competition, which included national cuisine, national costume, home decorative items and creative greeting to the festival guests.
Yalkyn Tatar National Association from Belovo, Babanakovo district, became the winner of the competition.
Traditional contests and games took place at the Fairy Tale exhibition and brought excitement and the holiday spirit to the participants and spectators.
Everyone was welcome to try their best in carrying water on a yoke, pulling coins from katyk (traditional dairy drink), carrying the egg on a spoon and other traditional games.
Batyrs strength and agility were put to the test. On a separate site, men competed in inclined pole walking and kettlebell lifting.
The main, most loved and most popular form of competition on Sabantuy was belt wrestling - Kuresh, during which wrestlers show their strength, courage, agility, sportsmanship and respect for the opponent.
The winner, Sabantuy Batyr, Vitaly Bliznyuk from Berezovsky was awarded the title of the strongest batyr and live ram was handed according to the tradition.
For the third time as part of the festival was held “Tatar Kyzy” competition. Girls showed off skills in a demonstration of the national costume, made in accordance with the traditions, in a creative contest, as well as their ingenuity, resourcefulness and originality presenting Tatar proverbs and sayings.
Alfiya Khafizova (Tatar national folk ensemble “Duslyk,” Yurga) won “Tatar Kyzy” and was declared the first beauty. She was awarded a diploma, a valuable gift and a traditional headdress. The remaining beauties were also awarded diplomas and gifts.
The organizers and sponsors awarded all participants letters of appreciation and gifts, and awarded the winners diplomas and valuable prizes.

More than 2,000 people attended the festival this year.

June 16, 2014   Museum Reserve Staff Participated in the Scientific Conference in Republic of Tyva

The National Museum of the Republic of Tyva hosted on June 9-11, 2014 a scientific conference (with international participation) entitled “Museum and issues of preservation, study and use of cultural heritage,” dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the founding of the museum, the 105th anniversary of Soviet Researcher N. M. Bogatyrev and the 100th anniversary of unification of Russia and Tyva.

Senior Researcher K.V. Kononchuk attended the conference along with other researchers, ethnographers, teachers and museum workers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ulan Bator, the Republic of Altai, the Republic of Buryatia, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Republic of Tyva, the Republic of Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Krai. He spoke on “The Contribution of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve employees to the study, preservation and promotion of the archaeological heritage of the Nizhny Pritom’ye.” It raised topical issues related to the museum’s participation in archaeological research. The proposed topic found a ready response among the conference participants. It should be noted that some of its aspects are reflected in the adopted conference resolution.

The conference program was full of interesting events. On June 9, conference guests visited the ethno cultural complex Aldyn-Bulak. On June 10, the official opening of the conference was held at the plenary session at the Tyva Traditional Culture and Crafts Development Center. On the afternoon of the same day, four sections at the National Museum, featuring more than 40 speakers, started their work. After the conference a resolution was adopted. For an informal part conference participants visited the Kundustug. On the morning of June 11, delegates took a tour of the museum and its collections. That evening, organizers held a concert for all attendees. The conference closed with a tour of the city and a banquet.

Overall Tyva will be remembered by its boundless hospitality, unique museum collections, beautiful nature and kind, helpful people. During the conference, was established contacts with representatives of the museum community from different regions of our vast country, which allow the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve further develop closer cooperation and collaboration with the museums of South and East Siberia.

June 16, 2014   Gala Concert of the Regional Event ÓDays of Culture of the Russian-Germans in Kuzbass

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve held a gala concert of regional “Days of Culture of the Russian-Germans in Kuzbass” event on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

Within the framework of the Year of Culture, Kemerovo region hosted “Days of Culture of the Russian-Germans in Kuzbass” event, which culminated in a gala concert at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve. The event was organized by the Department of Culture and National Policy of the Kemerovo region, the Association of

Public Unions “International Union of German culture,” the Coordinating Council of German NGOs in Kemerovo region, Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve. Vocal and dance ensembles’ performances reflected the identity of German culture. The best performances from the German culture centers and meeting centers for

Russian-Germans were featured on the main stage of the museum-reserve. The audience was pleased with beautiful singing, dancing and fancy costumes.

During the festival, guests were alos able to explore the Arts and Crafts exhibition. The award ceremony was held after the concert.

The museum gathered over 2,000 people.

June 9, 2014   Tomskaya Pisanitsa Conquers Moscow

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve booth was one of the most visited at the Intermuseum 2014 International Festival, dedicated to the latest digital museum technologies, held in Moscow.

Booth guests took a virtual tour, available on the official website of the museum, with great interest, and also had an opportunity to watch live Webcam feed from the museum-reserve on the big screen.

June 9, 2014   Pentecost Fun at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve held a family fun day entitled “Pentecost Fun.”

Pentecost is one of the most beautiful Orthodox holidays. On this day, churches, houses, and even the streets are decorated with greenery and birch branches, representing symbols of life. The main festivities took place on the central stage of the museum, decorated with fresh flowers and birch trees.

In a solemn speech priest Vyacheslav Morozov, rector of the chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius, blessed the Pentecost celebration. The preservation of people's spirituality and culture is based on the observation of traditions lying in its origins.

Pentecost fun has a great significance, through its rituals it allows to learn more about the history of our ancestors. Right before the start of the event Tomskaya Pisanitsa visitors were asked to participate in the ancient ceremonies traditionally held during the Green Week. Museum guests decorated birch with ribbons, made wreaths and tasted the ritual food: green colored eggs scrambled. Hosts familiarized the audience with the traditions and customs of the Green Week. The event featured Adelphopoiesis (Sworn Brotherhood) ceremony, traditional fun and games: egg tossing, eggs downhill roll, egg knocking and more.

Highlights of the day included the performance of a children’s ensemble of “Rusichi” Folklore Theater from Kemerovo.

Russian ceremonial dolls, made by man’s hands, keep the memories of many generations alive. The festival held a craft workshop to make Bereginya dolls, allowing everyone to try to become a successor of folk traditions.

Even the rain couldn’t ruin the festive atmosphere when around 1,000 fans of folk culture of all ages gathered at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve for a family fun day.

June 2, 2014   Interregional festival “Zvony nad Tom'yu” and Cossack culture festival-contest “Kuznetskaya Volnica”

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve hosted two very important events: interregional festival “Zvony nad Tom'yu” and Cossack culture festival-contest “Kuznetskaya Volnica” on Saturday May 31, 2014.

“Zvony nad Tom'yu” festival organized by the Department of Culture and National Policy of the Kemerovo region, Mariinsky, Yurginsky Diocese of Kuzbass Archdiocese and Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve.
Every year the festival expands and attracts more and more participants from all over the country. This year, the festival brought together more than 30 participants.

Bell ringers from Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions, Altai Krai, Moscow, gathered to perform at the festival. Their repertoire covers a number of different genres, from spiritual to folk music.
The festival was held at the chapel in honor of the Saints Cyril and Methodius site.

The festival kicked off with a procession of Cossacks, bell ringers and priests from the main stage to the temple. His Grace Bishop Innokenty of Mariinsk and Yurga led a festive prayer service.

During his welcome address, Museum Director V.A.Kaplunov greeted all gathered.
The festival was staged at three sites: chapel’s bell tower, small belfries, where the bell ringers demonstrated their skills. Cossack ensembles sang and danced on the main stage. Cossack fun activities were held at the Fairy Tale Site.
“Zvony nad Tom'yu” festival welcomed guests from Barnaul, including Archpriest Georgiy Kreydun, vice-rector of Barnaul seminary, rector of St. John the Theologian church, along with his ten-year-old son Ilya, the youngest participant, who closed the festival, and Vasily Vakatov from Moscow, the bell ringer at the St. Sergius of Radonezh Church.
Bell ringers played in turns, one bell ringer started to play at the chapel bell tower and another would pick up on Little Belfry. Kuzbass poets Alexander Ibragimov, Vladimir Eremenko took part in the festival. Siberian Center of Bell Ringing Art of Novosibirsk Archdiocese staged an exhibition of children's drawings and touring exhibition of the Bell Ringing Center. A round table and award ceremony held following the completion of the program. The participants were awarded diplomas and mementos.
Everyone got a chance to familiarize themselves with the basics of the bell ringing by ringing the bells on Little Belfry.
The Cossack festival impressed everyone with more than 500 participants. The ensembles from all over of the region, as well as representatives of Altai and Krasnoyarsk Krai, Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions took park in the festival.
The concert featured marching, lyrical and dance Cossack songs. The participants got a chance to try themselves in traditional Cossack sports. During the festival, contest judges and guests were able to taste the traditional Cossack food. The festival’s venue also featured a sports entertainment play area.
Chairman of the jury, Male Vocalist of the State Academic Kuban Cossack Choir, Honored Worker of Culture of the Chechen Republic, Alexei Krasnopyorov performed to the audience and awarded the winners.

Over 800 people visited the museum that day.

June 2, 2014   Children's Day

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve held a celebration dedicated to the International Children's Day, a holiday for the youngest and most precious museum guests, on Sunday, June 1, 2014.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Staff specifically for this big day prepared a lot of fun surprises for children. The event entitled “Bright Ray of Childhood” was a great success despite the not so pleasant weather.

The 12th Festival of Cossack culture “Kuznetsk belfry” continued on that day, featuring performances:
- Male Vocalist of the State Academic Kuban Cossack Choir, Honored Worker of Culture of the Chechen Republic, Alexei Krasnopyorov (Krasnodar);
- Children's folklore ensemble “Lukoshko”;
- Male Cossack ensemble “Banjo”;
- Scenic folklore ensemble “Sporina.”

The event included numerous games, contests and fun relay races for kids hosted by skomorokhs. The most active participants received gifts from Tomskaya Pisanitsa.

The winners and participants of the games and relay races were among the first visitors to the digital mobile planetarium, open to the public Sunday for the first time. It welcomed visitors with a movie “A Walk in the sky”. The kids had an amazing experience with the help of 3D technology. They plunged into virtual reality to feel like an astronaut.

Kids and Family Disco brought the festivities to a close. The museum also held craft workshops: Russian folk doll “Na vyhvalku” for girls and “Sunny horse” for boys.

More than 1,500 people attended the event.

May 26, 2014   Day of Slavic Writing and Culture

Museum Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa celebrated the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture on Saturday, May 24, 2014.

The celebration kicked off at the Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius with a liturgy led by Father Vyacheslav Morozov. Museum visitors attended a procession around the chapel and the festive prayer service held after the liturgy.

The museum hosted the main festival program at 1:00 PM on the central stage. Igor Morozov bell ringer from Berezovsky opened the festival program with bell music concert at the small Belfry. The festivities featured performances of Kuzbass poets Yuri Dubatov and Andrew Pyatak, as well as Roman Itskov’s, author and performer of songs and Slavic ballads, who left visitors mesmerized by his magnificent voice and gusli playing skills.

Svetlana Ivanova Senior Researcher at the Museum Collections Department held a workshop entitled “Letter from time immemorial”. Everyone could learn how to write their name in Cyrillic.

During the day, entertainers dressed in traditional Russian costumes offered visitors to have the unique Slavic game experience.

Alexander Zaichenko Museum Event Manager and Singer performed songs about Russia at the final of the event. A festival dedicated to Cyril and Methodius, helped to feel spiritual and cultural roots of the Slavic peoples, united by a common past and an alphabet. The bad weather didn’t ruin the holiday.

May 21, 2014   Annual Tick Control in the Museum

On the eve of the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture and before the opening of the new summer season, the museum held a tick-control campaign on May 19, 2014.
Annually scheduled spraying prepared the museum to receive visitors.

May 21, 2014   Pure Heart and Clean Reserve

Charitable Foundation “Business for the Sake of Creation” volunteered in an environmental campaign “Pure Heart and Clean Reserve,” organized by Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve, on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

Anyone, who wanted to help to maintain the nature reserve, could join the cleanup campaign at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve. Charitable Foundation “Business for the Sake of Creation” gave a helping hand to museum-reserve by sending 20 students from SEI “Novokuznetsk School of Olympic Reserve”. Foundation President A.A. Seleznev provided transportation for the children.

Every year the reserve is facing many tasks, including preparing a large forest area of the park for the summer season, cage cleaning, removing dead grass and fallen branches, picking up trash left by tourists, putting a fresh coat of paint on animal cages. Every individual, who keen to help preserve our nature, is important. For the third consecutive year, Museum Reserve “Tomskaya pisanitsa” calls the volunteers to join an environmental campaign to improve and maintain the ecological balance between nature conservation area and a center of culture and leisure, which attracts thousands of citizens. This campaign is held on the regular basis, and could be dedicated not only to the beginning of the summer season, but also to the planet’s green dates: Water Day, Bird Day, Earth Day, Car Free Day and other environmental dates. This would help to reduce anthropogenic environmental stress and have a significant impact on the environmental education of the population. Our ecological army of student-athletes of School of Olympic Reserve did their best and didn’t give up its positions even in the pouring rain. The museum-reserve thanked the boys with delicious lunch and hot tea with candies and charitable foundation “Business for the Sake of Creation” with cash prizes of 500 rubles. The organizers were pleasantly surprised with boys, while being soaked to the skin, still decided to take the tour of the museum-reserve.

Boys’ visit to the Museum had an informative and educational value. Their personal interest has a better impact than any environmental advertisement. “Pure Heart and Clean Reserve” campaign taught them responsibility for nature that will thank us with clean air, clean water, pristine beauty of flora and fauna. After a day spent in the reserve students visited the museum chapel and thanked God that gave us this beautiful land, and that we have the opportunity to leave our mark on the world.

May 20, 2014   Museum Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa Scientific Expedition of the Monuments of Rock Art in Tepsey Archaeological District

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve employees in collaboration with colleagues from Kemerovo State University and Astafiev Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University participated in the archaeological expedition of the monuments located near Tepsey Mountain in Krasnoturansk District, Krasnoyarsk Territory on May 1-10, 2014.
Tepsey archaeological district for centuries was the ancient sacred center of Minusinsk Hollow. Multi-temporal archaeological monuments were partially explored during the 1960-70s by the participants of the Krasnoyarsk archaeological expedition of USSR Academy of Sciences under the command of M.P. Gryaznov, what shed light on many questions of the ancient history of Siberia. Archaeological evidence from Tepsey burial and settlement complexes, such as pottery, stone, bone, bronze, iron and wood artifacts, plaster masks, unique plaques with engraved images of animals and battle scenes, are complemented by numerous petroglyphs, located on the slopes of Tepsey Mountain and on slab fences of Tagar burial mounds and separately lying plates, once served as burial slabs.

However, despite their long history of studies, Tepsey petroglyphs have not been fully investigated until now. Therefore, since 2012, Kemerovo rock art specialists carry out annual archaeological work in the area. The most ancient petroglyphs, located along the coastal plains, were monitored during a joint expedition in May 2014. New Tepsey petroglyphs were copied, photographed, mapped and recorded. In the summer of 2013 the water level in the reservoir was significantly higher, and these drawings, while under water, remained inaccessible. In addition, researchers carried out a survey of several sections of the complex by the Tuba River. Besides studying petroglyphs, the scientists carried out work on research, exploration and photographic documentation of drawings on burial mounds. Many of these drawings are very expressive.

What is clear from all the studies of rock art in the Tepsey archaeological district is that it is extraordinarily diverse in content and chronological distribution. It contains images of bulls, deer, elk, bears, a significant number of anthropomorphic characters and also some runic inscriptions. The earliest drawings date to the Stone Age, among all images stand out Okunevskaya and Karasuk cultures drawings of the Bronze Age; but the most numerous petroglyphs date to the early Iron Age of Tagar and Tashtyk cultures; there are also images of early and late Middle Ages and ethnographic drawings.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the joint expedition of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve, Kemerovo State University and Astafiev Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University was successful: field work was carried out in full accordance with the program of studies, was documented petroglyphs, located along the coastal plains, and unique photographic documentation of Tepsey rock art was obtained.

May 16, 2014   Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Staff Participated in the Culture Employees Avenue Planting

Museum staff took part in laying the foundation to the Culture Employees Avenue on Friday, May 16, 2014 along the Pritomsky Quay in Kemerovo.

The tree planting event had a festive atmosphere and lots of fun. The most prominent workers of museums, theaters, libraries and concert halls were entrusted to plant the first trees of the future avenue. The event was held as part of the Kuzbass One Resident - One Tree campaign. Particularly pleasant is that the avenue was found in 2014, during the Year of Culture.

May 16, 2014   An Addition to the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Mini Zoo

A cute baby kid arrived on May 16, joining the crew of the museum Mini Zoo.
Both mother and baby are doing well.

May 12, 2014   ‘Help the Reserve!’ Ecological Campaign

“Help the Reserve!” traditional ecological campaign kicked off at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve on April 25 and 27 and May 10-11.

Cleaning of the territory was held under the motto Clean Museum from the Bottom of the Heart!

More than 100 volunteers came to clean the reserve’s territory. Tomskaya Pisanitsa launched the campaign for the third consecutive year. Volunteers of all ages were willing to help.

A united team of volunteers together with the staff of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve cleaned out most of the territory. Many of the volunteers brought their own tools: rakes, brooms, shovels, bags. Little helpers brought toy rakes, buckets and shovels. They were happy to help to rake leaves and make a contribution to the cleaning of the vast territory of the museum.

“Herbalife” company employees, “Smalta” Children and Youth Public Organization, KemSU student group, Tochilkina E. founder of the creative studio “RukodElenka” were among the volunteers.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa employees thanked the volunteers with a delicious borscht and hot tea. Guided tours were offered for those wishing to attend.

The volunteers were granted letters of appreciation and invitations to the museum.

May 12, 2014   Special Holiday Program “Nobody is Forgotten, Nothing is Forgotten” at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve

As part of the celebration dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve held the days of family vacation on May 9-12, 2014.

Museum staff and KemGUKI students prepared special program entitled “Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.” The museum offered free admission to the veterans, home front workers and residents of besieged Leningrad on May 9.

On May 10 and 11, Kemerovo Great Patriotic War veterans along with the Labor veterans visited the museum. They were not only guests, but also active participants in the celebrations. Veterans sang songs, recited poems and danced.

On May 11, Nezabudki Veteran Ensemble members from Shakhta Severnaya village took part in the traditional tree-planting. The veterans came along with their grandchildren to the event. The museum organized special game program for kids.

A holiday-themed children's drawings exhibition entitled “Thank you Grandpa for the Victory!” was on a display.

Tea party wrapped up the day’s festivities with bagels and sweets at the Governor's Tea Room.

May 8, 2014   Museum Staff Participation in International Scientific Conferences and Symposia

The museum staff attended a number of seminars and symposia in April 2014.

Kaplunov V.A. Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Director spoke on “About creation of architectural and ethnographic complex “Russians of Pritom`ye” in the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve” (authors Kaplunov V.A., Kemerovo; Skryabina L.A., Moscow) on Balandinsky readings in Novosibirsk on April 16, 2014.

The readings were held under the motto “Historical and cultural heritage of Siberia: preservation and valorization. Designing the Siberian city: historical experiments and Utopia.”

Scientific-practical conference Preservation and Study of Cultural Heritage. Practical Conservation Experience and Use was held on April 18-19 in Barnaul.
Conference had following sections:
  • Musefication of Cultural Heritage Objects;
  • Use of Heritage in Cultural Tourism;
  • Preservation and Study of Archaeological Monuments in Siberia;
  • Current Legislation in the Field of Cultural Heritage.
As part of the conference, Kaplunov V.A. spoke on “Tomskaya Pisanitsa museum complex created at the archaeological site.”
Martynov A.I. Chief Researcher at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve, Academician, chaired the section of Preservation and Study of Cultural Heritage: Interpretation, Musefication, Conservation and Restoration and spoke on “Forms of actualization of the archaeological heritage in the Siberian region.”

Museum staff also participated in a round table discussion on the urgent problems of Siberian archeology.
Yusifova L.V. Head of the Department of Tourism and Public Relations (Tourism in Siberia undergraduate) took part in the 5th stage of the International Socio-Cultural, Scientific and Educational project “Actualization of cultural heritage in Asia,” held in Mongolia.
The project participants visited museums, universities, administration, where they met with authorities’ representatives: Governor of Bayan-Ulgii Aimag, Mongolia’s Minister of Culture, museum workers, teachers and students in Hovd and Ulaanbaatar.

In the framework of the project, Yusifova L.V. participated in the discussions and spoke on “Museum-Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa as a tourism product” and “Guides work in the Tomskaya Pisanitsa museum.”

April 30, 2014   Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Birds Lesson

Symonenko E.V. Senior Researcher at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve lead a lesson dedicated to the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Birds within the preschool program on local history entitled “My little homeland” at kindergarten 186 “Ivushka,” in Kemerovo on April 28, 2014.

During the lesson, children learned about species of birds that live at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve and listened to the bird sound recordings. The first half of the lesson was dedicated to the birds that children already knew that live in the city and in the woods. Birds that live in the forest or pasture and never fly into the city were introduced to the kids in the second half of the lesson.

During the lesson, the children played games and answered riddles related to the topic of the lesson.

At the end of the lesson the children made fabric birds with their own hands.

April 29, 2014   International Scientific-Practical Conference “History and Culture of the Peoples of Southwestern Siberia and Adjacent Regions (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China)”

Demidova E.A. Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Researcher participated in the International Scientific-Practical Conference “History and Culture of the Southwestern Siberia and Adjacent Regions (Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China)” held April 20-23, 2014 at the Gorno-Altaisk State University.

Evgenia spoke on “Themes of prehistoric art in the works of Kuzbass artists” in Ethnology and Folklore of Southwestern Siberia and Adjacent Territories section. Her speech was accompanied by slideshow presentation containing pictures of the museum and paintings of the Kuzbass artists.
On the first day of the conference, April 21, a plenary session featured talks from Russian and foreign researchers.

The afternoon was dedicated to the tour of the Anokhin Republican Museum of Local Lore that hosted an International Museum Workshop entitled “The role of museums in preserving and interpreting cultural, historical and natural heritage.” During the workshop participants were able to share their monument preservation experiences in the region, in different cities and countries.
On the second day, April 22, scientists spoke within their section theme: Archaeology of the Southwestern Siberia and Adjacent Territories, Ethnology and Folklore of Southwestern Siberia and Adjacent Territories, Sociopolitical History and International Relations of the Peoples of Southwestern Siberia and Adjacent Regions, Turkic Languages of Southwestern Siberia and Adjacent Regions.
The conference adopted resolutions summarizing it.
On the last day of the conference, April 23, following a wrap-up session, everyone could visit Chemalsky region, Choros-Gurkin Estate Museum and Patmos Island.

April 28, 2014   Ecological holiday ‘Bird Day’

A children ecological holiday ‘Bird Day’ was held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve.

Museum staff and students of the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts prepared special workshops and competitions for school students to enjoy.
Bird Day was filled with fun, games, but also featured an educational program on the diversity of birds in the museum-reserve; children visited the mini zoo and took part in the “Birds of Tomskaya pisanitsa petroglyphs” quiz.

During an entertainment program museum guests met with Slavic Russia’s birds: Stratim, Alkonost, Firebird.

Museum Reserve hosted a Fancy Pigeon Show organized by Alexander Richter and displaying 25 breeds.

Children learned how to make paper birds at the ‘Feathered Origami’ workshop and visited a bird themed face painting booth.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum reserve for the first time held a Bird Table competition featuring works of Artem Meshkov, Sophia Semenova, Artem Levin third grade students at the school 54, Kemerovo; Anastasia Yadut, Alexander Pankov, Alena Borisenko, Alexei Nogovitsyn third grade students at the gymnasium 17, Kemerovo; students at boarding school 104 were named the winners. The winner’s bird table will be the main exhibit on the bird feeder display on the museum main alley.

In addition to participating in the competition, students of school 54 and gymnasium 17 made a food donation for birds living in the Museum Reserve.

April 21, 2014   Easter Sunday at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve held celebration dedicated to the holiest day of the year on Sunday, April 20.

On Easter Sunday, people greet each other with traditional Paschal Greeting “Christ is risen!” and are answered with the words “Truly, He is risen!” A joyous peal of the Saints Cyril and Methodius Chapel bells could be heard throughout the museum, summoning everyone to join Easter celebrations.

Archpriest Vyacheslav Morozov held Easter prayer service at 1:00 P.M. at the Chapel. He also blessed Easter foods like Paskhas (Easter cake), Kulichi (Easter bread), eggs brought by museum visitors.

After the Easter service theatrical entertainers and “Russia” and “Matryoshky” folklore groups created a festive mood.

Throughout the day there were Easter activities such as egg rolling, see-saw riding and egg tossing. Also all comers were welcomed to attend Easter Egg Painting and Easter Card Making workshops.

On this festive day everyone could ring the bells on the small belfry. Many museum guests noted that bell ringing fills the space with Easter joy.

On that day the Annual Easter Craft Fair showcasing local crafters and their beautiful handmade items returned to the museum-reserve grounds. Visitors enjoyed delicious refreshments available from the Cafe and drank flavored tea in the Governor's Tea Room.

Over a 1500 people came along to enjoy our Easter themed activities.

April 18, 2014   An ecological holiday ‘Bird Day’

An ecological holiday ‘Bird Day’ will be held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Museum-Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa.

Museum invites the whole family to join us on a fun journey into the world of fairy tales, where you will meet with mythological Slavic Russia’s birds: Stratim, Alkonost, Firebird, etc.

The entertainment program features games, competitions and quiz “Birds of Tomskaya pisanitsa petroglyphs.”

All comers are welcome to participate in a Bird Table competition which will be held for the first time. The winner will be the one who will make the most beautiful and convenient bird feeder. The winner’s bird table will be the main exhibit on the bird feeder display at the central alley. The main competition requirement is to make bird feeder with your own hands.

This year’s Bird Day will include different traditional workshops which will be working during the festival. Come and learn how to make paper birds at the ‘Feathered Origami’ workshop, take part in ‘Let’s Build the Birdhouse’ workshop and visit a bird themed face painting booth.

The best craftsmen will be awarded at the end of the event.

April 11, 2014   Museum Lesson ÑSpread of Christianity in Siberia

Orlova E.A., Ph.D., Senior Researcher at the Museum Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa, gave a special conversation lecture on the spread of Christianity in Siberia to the fourth-grade students on Friday, April 11, 2014 at the Lyceum 62 Kemerovo.

Lecture taught the children a lot about the Siberian Saints, temples and icons. Students saw the original 19th century icons, as well as photographs of Siberia’s revered shrines - miraculous icons of the Mother of God.

These lessons help to create an interest in local history among the younger generation, as well as learn to respect people of different religions.

April 11, 2014   Museum Lesson ‘Ancient History of the Native Land’

Two museum lessons were held on Friday, April 4, 2014 at the Lyceum 62 in Kemerovo.

Primary school students made a "journey" into the mysterious world of preliterate history of mankind with the help of Kononchuk K.V. Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Senior Researcher, who told the children about archeology.
The lesson was built in the form of constant dialog, during which each child was included in the active work that allowed children to show their creative side. With a wide range of visual materials (photographs, archaeological artifacts models) students were able to partially submerge in a distant historical epoch.

These lessons allow the child to develop an interest in local history, teach him to see, understand and appreciate what surrounds us in early childhood.

April 7, 2014   Christophe Meul ÑTomskaya PisanitsaÒ Exhibition

Christophe Meul exhibition “Tomskaya Pisanitsa,” dedicated to the International Day for Monuments and Sites declared by UNESCO, opened on Friday, April 4 in Kemerovo at the Beresnev Library.
Exhibition features works of Belgian photographer Christophe Meul from the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve collection.

Christophe Meul - artist, photographer, Professor in Integrated Digital Techniques in Fine Arts. His exhibition record includes both numerous solo exhibitions and international group exhibitions in France, Holland, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland and Poland.

In his works, Christophe Meul combines classic and modern innovative digital technologies. Works are printed on special paper with natural pigments, so a new type of graphic art is presented to the viewer.

The exhibition runs until May 30, 2014.

March 28, 2014   Kemerovo Region Governor praised Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Employees

Kemerovo Region Governor recognizes Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Employees.

In celebration dedicated to the Year of Culture, to mark the Cultural Workers’ Day, Kemerovo Governor Aman Tuleyev recognized Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve employees.

Kuzbass delegation of leading cultural figures and the best workers in the industry, including Kaplunov V.A. Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Director, Honored Worker of Culture, visited the capital of our country Moscow.

Grand Opening of the Year of Culture was held on March 24-25:
State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia held Russia Cultural Workers’ Forum and a concert on March 24; Coordinating Council for Culture of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation meeting was held on March 25. The Grand Opening of the Year of Culture gathered the best, talented and famous people of the country.

Yusifova L.V., Head of the Department of Tourism and Public Relations for her hard work and high professional skills was awarded with the highest award of the Kemerovo region - the Order of Merit of the Kuzbass. Kemerovo Oblast Governor Tuleyev A.G. presented the order on the Governor’s reception, held in Kemerovo on March 21.
Simonenko E.V. Senior Researcher at the Museum Collections Department for her dedicated service was awarded with a trip to the UAE.

The museum staff feels valued and supported by the Governor and will continue to work for the benefit of Kemerovo Oblast preserving cultural heritage and developing tourism in the Kuzbass.

March 28, 2014   'Flowers in Embroidery' Exhibition Opens at the Kiselev Library

Flowers in Embroidery” exhibition opened on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at the Kiselev library.

The exhibition features towels, napkins, pillowcases, curtains and clothing items from the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve collection. Floral patterns were made in different techniques: simple cross-stitch and Bulgarian cross-stitch, drawnwork, Richelieu, lace and various kinds of satin stitches. Patterns are complemented by decorative stitches.

Embroideries from the museum were made in 19 - 20 centuries and largely preserved features of traditional Russian culture.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve researchers and Kiselev Library staff, along with 27 Orphanage School students attended exhibition launch.

Evgenia Simonenko Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Senior Researcher gave a guided tour of the exhibition. Children enjoyed the guided tour of the exhibition and learned how to distinguish different kinds of embroidery and decorative stitches. They also learned that the girls learned how to spin, weave and embroider from the age of five. Girls had to make their dowry including a large number of shirts, aprons, sundresses, towels, valances and tablecloths by the age of thirteen-fifteen.

And all these items had to be embellished with embroidery. Evgenia Demidova Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Researcher gave a guided tour of the “Legends of Siberia” exhibition where children could get acquainted with Kemerovo artist Marina Kolomeets artworks. The exhibition features series of works based on a Shor legend about the little hunter Amasya.

Orhanage School students received sweet gifts at the end of the event.

March 25, 2014   'Chyl-Pazhi' New Year of the Altai-Sayan Region Peoples

Chyl-Pazhi or New Year of the peoples of the Altai-Sayan region celebration was held on Sunday, March 23 at the museum-reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa. This year holiday celebration was devoted to the Year of Culture in Russia.

Telekay ensemble met festival guests at the main gate with the Teleut songs and tunes performances which immediately plunged museum visitors into the festive mood of one of the most important holidays for the Altai-Sayan peoples.

Chyl-Pazhi folklore festival was held in compliance with all the canons of ethnic celebration. The concert program featured traditional songs and dances performances by Shor, Teleut, Tuvan folk groups, many of whom are winners of Russian and international competitions.

Audience gave a big round of applause to the Shunu ensemble from Gorno-Altaysk and to the Eduard Mecheshev, throat singer from the Altai Republic. The entertainment program also featured: Solony Ethno-Folk Ensemble, Altyn Ay Student Folklore Ensemble of Turkic ethnic groups of Siberia, Otchagash and Oyun folk groups, Kunuchek Children Dance Ensemble. The audience was impressed by powerful skills of the unique female throat singer Chyltys Tannagasheva. Her strong delivery of “Taiga Sounds” deeply affected everyone.

Hereditary Shor shaman Nadezhda Murtaeva held a purification ceremony eliminating all evil and illness by chalam burning, spirits feeding rituals and wishing well rituals. This year spirits feeding was not confined to the traditional meat, milk and talkan; visitors could make a sacrifice by throwing sweets and cakes into the sacred fire. Many visitors were so imbued with the shamanic ritual that after it was complete they approached the shaman to express gratitude and ask for advice. Traditional kitchen, where everyone could taste traditional Shor and Teleut dishes, was organized to demonstrate the life of the peoples of the Altai-Sayan. Teleut boys showed their skills in the Kurash folk wrestling.

Folk masters presented a wide range of products. Many fans of ethno style were attracted by incredible embroidered shawls made by Teleut and Khakassian women. Chyl-Pazhi bright and charming celebration gave a chance to the Tomskaya Pisanitsa visitors to get acquainted with the unique culture of the indigenous peoples of Kuzbass and get to know their spiritual beliefs.

More than 1,000 guests enjoyed the events of the day.

March 15, 2014   Legends of Siberia Exhibition Opens at the Kiselev Library.

Kemerovo artist Marina Kolomeets exhibition ‘Legends of Siberia’ opened on March 6, 2014 at the Kiselev Library.

The exhibition presents a series of works about the little hunter Amasya. Each work is accompanied by a Shor legend about the little hunter adventures.

Mazitova E.M. Head of the Kiselev Library, Demidova E.A Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Senior Researcher and Epov K.V. Kemerovo artist and Member of the Kazakhstan Union of Artists launched the exhibition. During the opening event school number 37 students received an artist-led tour of the exhibition.

March 13, 2014   International Women's Day Celebration

The Museum Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa hosted a special holiday event entitled “Spring is as beautiful as a woman!” on an International Women’s Day weekend on Saturday, March 8 through Monday, March 10.

In this festive spring weekend Museum met the lovely ladies and their companions with an entertainment program. All ladies who came to the festival got a reduced admission.

Guests enjoyed the events of the day including music, dance and fun contests with special prizes and gifts. Men could win a bottle of champagne for their ladies in kettlebell lifting contests. The youngest visitors were happy to meet with costumed characters Bear and Lynx.

Over 3000 people attended the museum during holiday weekend. Museum visitors loved special holiday entertainment program.

March 4, 2014   Maslenitsa Festivities at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve

Maslenitsa festivities kicked off on Sunday, March 2 at 1:00 p.m. at the Museum Reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.

Museum offered visitors a special holiday entertainment program filled with fun, contests and games. Tomskaya Pisanitsa hosted four entertainment stages throughout the festival grounds with many offering performances from open to close for the entire duration of the festival.

The celebration began at the main gate, where funny skomorokhs and Kudesy Folk Song Ensemble greeted guests with jokes and songs.

The main stage offered visitors to experience a variety of traditional fun activities and featured musical performances by Kuzbass Folk Group, Zlatozore Folk Group and singer Tatiana Demina. The main act on the festival was Druzhina Music Ensemble (Novosibirsk) with Cossack songs performance.

Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts students entertained children and their parents on the Fairy Tale complex. Audience applauded the performances of Cheryomushki Children's Folklore Ensemble and Rayok puppet show.

Men of all ages could show off their strength and agility in the special contest held on the playground.

Visitors could participate in games, contests, various workshops and fun activities. Highlights of the day were snow fort battle and pole climbing attempts. Guests were excited to have a chance to win prizes from Tomskaya Pisanitsa partners. TVs, cell phones, pancake pans, car security systems and other prizes were a great reward for the most active contests participants. Another highlight of the day was a fun Pancake Eating Contest competition. Participants competed against each other to see who could devour the most pancakes within limited time. Winners were awarded with the Best Pancake Eater medals. Fairground rows and hawkers with candy and hot pancakes - just like in the old days.

The festivities ended with the burning of a straw effigy of Maslenitsa and circle dancing, chanting: “Buy buy, winter, spring is coming!”

March 4, 2014   Sister's-in-law Gathering at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve

Sister’s-in-law Gathering, celebrating the sixth day of Maslenitsa (Cheesefare Week), was held on Saturday, March 1 at the Museum-Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa.

Entertainment program entitled “Farewell Father Frost” started at 1:00 p.m. on the stage of the “Fairy Tale” complex. Father Frost, Baba Yaga and Maslenitsa were main characters of the performance played out by Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts students.

On that day, Chief Kuzbass Father Frost met at his residence with all those who weren't able to visit him during the winter. Before leaving Good winter wizard along with his little helpers took down Christmas tree decorations. After that, Father Frost said goodbye to the young friends until next winter and sped away on a sleigh in the fairytale forest.

Maslenitsa congratulated everyone with the onset of spring and became a full-fledged holiday hostess. Maslenitsa along with skomorokhs entertained museum guests with traditional fun activities. Visitors could enjoy shovel riding, felt boots throwing, tug-of-war. Games and contests, funny Freckles dance put Tomskaya Pisanitsa visitors in good spirits.

February,17 2014   Family Olympics

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve staff and activists of Kemerovo regional branch of the United Russia party and “Young Guard” prepared and carried out sports and entertainment program entitled Family Olympics, which was held at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve.

Costumed characters Lynx, Bear, Hare, Leopard, Ray of Light and Snowflake created a festive mood. Chief Kuzbass Father Frost greeted guests at his residence. Children and adults enjoyed a variety of contests, prizes and surprises on a holiday devoted to the Sochi Olympics.

Before the start of the event everyone could take a part on a quiz about Kuzbass Olympians.

Tomskaya Pisanitsa guests remembered Kuzbass athletes, performing at the Sochi Olympics - hockey player Sergei Bobrov, skier Alexander Bessmertnykh, bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva, snowboarders Stanislav Detkov, Valery Kolegov, and Natalia Soboleva, as well as answered to a quiz.

Visitors of all ages enjoyed the entertainment program filled with fun and games. Museum guests played tug-of-war and hockey in the felt boots, took part in fun competitions and relays.

The United Russia team won in a hockey tournament. They defeated Kolmogorovo high school student’s team, but Kolmogorovo students won in a tug-of-war. But in the end the friendship won.

The Family Olympics ended with an award ceremony where winners and participants of the festival received souvenirs with Olympic symbols and sweet prizes. Participants were treated to a delicious borsch and a hot tea with candy at the Governor's Tea Room; they also could take a snowmobile ride and a horseback ride.

February,13 2014   ‘Reset’ Exhibition Opening

“Perezagruzka” (Reset) exhibition opened on Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 1p.m. at the City Classical Lyceum. The exhibition features works made by “Apelsin” studio children. Children produced their works using old and unwanted items such as beads, buttons, phone bodies, pens, spoons, forks, etc., creating amazing landscapes, portraits and still lifes with a vibrant color palette.

At the opening ceremony Konstantin Epov, Head of the Apelsin studio and Member of the Kazakhstan Union of Artists, Marina Shcherbakova Principal of the Kemerovo Classical Lyceum, Evgenia Demidova Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve Researcher congratulated and awarded kids with diplomas, letters of appreciation, and certificates from picture framing studio “Entourage - M.” Also on behalf of Valery Kaplounov, Director of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve, children were awarded with the museum gift booklets.

January 31, 2014   'Religious Items of Peoples of Siberia' Exhibition

“Religious Items of Peoples of Siberia” exhibition from the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve collection opened on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at the Museum of the.

Objects related to the spiritual culture of the indigenous peoples of Siberia were on display. This exhibition opened a series of events of the Museum Tomskaya Pisanitsa and Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts museum dedicated to the Year of Culture in Russia and the Year of Culture and Tourism in Kuzbass.
The exhibition was attended by Martynov A.I. Chief Researcher at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve (Professor, Academician, Honored Worker of Science, an honorary citizen of Kuzbass); Pokrovskaya A.F. Deputy Director of Science at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve (Lecturer in the Department of Museology at the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts, Ph.D. student); Department of Science and Exposition at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve staff; Science and Education departments staff; Rodionova D.D. Ph.D., assistant professor, Museology Department Chair at the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts; Nasonov A.A. Ph.D. in Culture, Senior Lecturer in Museology; Ph.D. and postgraduate students; students of the Museology Distance Delivery Program at the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts; Koveshnikova E.A. Ph.D. in History, an Assistant Professor in Museology, Museum Director. Koveshnikova E.A. Museum Director at the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts launched an exhibition. She marked the significance of the event connected not only with the beginning of the Year of Culture in Russia, but also with the effective cooperation between the museums, which began with the opening of the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts museum in 2009, successfully developing and will continue in the future. She noticed that the Department of Museology has a successful professional training program, many of its graduates work at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve. She also mentioned in her welcoming speech the upcoming meeting with an interesting man - Martynov A.I., who made a huge contribution to the development not only of science but also of the national culture, and, in particular, he has done a lot for the opening and development of museums in Kuzbass.

Followed by the Pokrovskaya A.F. Deputy Director of Science at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve speech. She highlighted the importance of this exhibition for cultural and educational processes, inter-museum cooperation of multyprofiles museums in organizing traveling exhibitions and long term museum cooperation.

Kasymova Kseniya, a researcher at the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve and graduate of the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts Museology Department, gave a tour of the exhibition. She introduced unique exhibits featured at the exhibition to the audience. For example , the sacred Ongon are various totem dolls guarding person and his home in Tuva and Altai; Tesi - Khakassian yurts guarding spirits with the participation of shamans and Sacred Drum beats; Alel - Kets guardian spirit of home and family; Seda - Nenets household spirits; Kurmush - Teleuts home spirit; Emegender Teleut family protectors; Enekeler (Emegender’s mother) – Teleut and Shor household gods; Pashtyk - Shor and Teleut ritual bag; Tyaka-collar – Teleut charm; Chur belt and Toshtok breast ornament are the simplest Teleut charms; Seveki - a good spirit, guarding the peace and happiness of the Evenk and many other religious objects of indigenous peoples of Siberia were featured at the exhibition.

Later, Anatoly Martynov, Honored Scientist of Russia, an honorary citizen of Kuzbass, shared his professional experience in the field of culture, science and education with the audience. He told about the period of work as a Director of the Kemerovo Regional Museum of Local Lore, the creation of the department of archeology at Kemerovo State University, expeditions to identify archaeological sites in the Kemerovo region, material gathering for the creation of the “Archaeology, ethnography and Ecology of Siberia” museum in Kemerovo State University, and many other significant milestones in the cultural life of the Siberian region. But the keynote of his fascinating speech was the information about his great contribution to the work of organizing and opening of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve and its current development, which today is a world-class museum. He answered to follow-up questions during the talk. Rodionova D.D. thanked Martynov A.I. for the interesting story and the opportunity to meet with such an outstanding personality like him.

At the end of the event Pokrovskaya A.F. and all those present expressed their gratitude to the director of the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts museum Koveshnikova E.A. for the opportunity to create the traveling exhibition as part of scientific and educational campaign at the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts museum. Koveshnikova E.A. thanked staff of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve for organizing and participating in the exhibition opening.

Photos provided by the Department of Public Relations and Media of Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts.

January 29, 2014   'Flowers in Embroidery' Exhibition

“Flowers in Embroidery” exhibition opened on January 20 at the Kemerovo professional pedagogical college library.

Exhibits from the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve collection were on display.
Embroidery is one of the oldest types of Russian decorative art.
Russian women were known as skilled embroiderers. They skillfully transformed all fabrics from the simplest to the expensive to the true artwork.

Embroidery knew no bounds. All families were engaged in it from the merchants, artisans, private workshops, officials and landowning nobles, to the peasant huts. Embroidery was one of the main women’s activities.

Flower theme is one of the most common in Russian embroidery.

In ancient times, people worshiped flowers. Many legends and superstitions had been linked with them. It was believed that plants possess magical powers. From the old times clothing and houses have been decorated with flowers. Often instead of using real flowers people used embroidered floral motifs on Rushnyks (towels), tablecloths, napkins, rugs and clothing items.

Flowers bring warmth and affection into our lives, make it brighter, more beautiful and a little bit happier.

The exhibition features towels, napkins, pillowcases, curtains and clothing items. Floral patterns were made in different techniques: simple cross-stitch and Bulgarian cross-stitch, drawnwork, Richelieu, lace and various kinds of satin stitches. Patterns are complemented by decorative stitches.

Embroideries from the museum were made in 19 - 20 centuries and largely preserved features of traditional Russian culture.

January 23, 2014   Family Olympics

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum Reserve invites families to get in the Olympic spirit by competing in its own “Family Olympics” on Saturday and Sunday, February 15-16.
Support Winter Olympics! Support Russian athletes! Let's have our own Olympics!

The event features:
Fun with games, contests and prizes;
Family sports competitions;
Fun rides;
Music and Entertainment

Family Olympics Judges: Chief Kuzbass Father Frost and Baba Yaga!

Enjoy snow tubing, snowmobiling and horseback riding. Afterwards, warm up and refuel at the Yurt cafe and Governor’s Tea Room. Don’t forget to peruse our gift shop too!

Wolves, foxes, lynxes, bears, a wild boar, ponies, red deer and a whole host of other beautiful animals are waiting for you in our Mini Zoo!

Come join us and bring your family along for the fun. Let the games begin!

General: 200 rubles
Children, students, seniors: 150 rubles
Children under 4: FREE

January 23, 2014   Moy Gorod TV Channel adopted Chernosik the Arctic Fox

Adopt an Animal program continues to grow. Moy Gorod TV Channel adopted Chernosik the Arctic Fox.

January 22, 2014   Busya The Marmot Named Honorary Geographer At Kemerovo State University

Kemerovo State University Department of Geology and Geography participated in the Tomskay Pisanitsa natural museum-reserve Adopt an Animal program.

By adopting an animal through this program, you contribute to the feeding and special care of your that animal.
Anyone can adopt an animal of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa mini zoo: individuals, families, schools, businesses, and social clubs...You can even adopt an animal as a group. All animals are up for adoption. You can select the animal you wish to adopt on Tomskaya Pisanitsa website. Click on animal’s picture to get the inside scoop on your animal’s personality, favorite treats, monthly and annual grocery bill, and more!

Feeding some of the animals rather uncomplicated, rabbit’s monthly grocery bill is 304 rubles, that’s tops 3653 rubles a year. But for others, such as the zoo’s two bears, Masha and Misha, a significant investment is required. Monthly grocery bill amounts to mighty 13,609 rubles to feed each bear.

When faculty saw Busya’s pictures and how adorable she was so that their hearts melt and they decided to become her Zoo parents.

According to the Tomskaya Pisanitsa workers, Busya the marmot is very tame, responsive, curious and playful animal. Also she likes to be held and loves cucumbers.

“Marmot is now hibernating, but Busya will wake up in early February, and we’ll all go visit her. As of now, we have made a contribution to the animal’s care. Busya monthly donation is just 500 rubles, equating to 6000 rubles a year,” said Olga Brel Department Chair of the Geology and Geography at the Kemerovo State University.

By the way, now faculty has a new holiday associated with its adoptee: Groundhog Day which is celebrated on February 2.

Source: Kemerovo State University website

Click here to learn more about the Adopt an Animal program. »

January 21, 2014   Yeti party

More than 1,500 people attended a family-friendly “Yeti party” held on Saturday, January 18, at the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.
Kemerovo Region Governor Aman Tuleyev declared 2014 the “Year of Culture and Tourism.” As one of the most notable Kuzbass cultural attractions the Museum-Reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” was chosen as “Yeti Party” venue. Tomskaya Pisanitsa is not only a unique monument of rock art dated to the Neolithic or New Stone Age and Bronze Age, but also a popular place for an outdoor recreation among Kuzbass residents and visitors from neighboring regions.
The event kicked off with Museum Director Valery Kaplunov and Moy Gorod TV Channel Editor Valery Ermak greeting visitors and exchanging gifts.

Visitors enjoyed sightseeing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, pancakes and sweets tasting, taking free instant pictures with Yeti. Moy Gorod leading local TV Station Hosts, DFM Radio DJs, Chief Kuzbass Father Frost and Yeti himself kept visitors entertained throughout the day. Kids and adults alike could participate in fun contests. Winners received exclusive prizes including sweets from Belarusian manufacturers, cake with Moy Gorod TV Channel logo, branded gifts from DFM Radio and Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum-Reserve. Marina Trineva from Kemerovo won the first prize in the Olympic Games Knowledge contest. She was awarded with a trip for two to the Yeti house at Azasskoy cave.

January 21, 2014   Christmastide celebrations "From star to the water" at the Museum-Reserve Tomskay Pisanitsa

Christmastide celebrations named “From star to the water” were held at the Museum-Reserve “Tomskay Pisanitsa” on Saturday and Sunday, January 11-12. Those January days pleased visitors with warm weather, bright sunshine and a festive atmosphere. The keynote of the program was the museum motto: “Relax & Learn! Learn & Relax!”
Christmastide of our ancestors was filled with all sorts of rites and rituals, which served the key to prosperity in all areas of life. The transition from one year to another was associated with many traditions. Traditional activities in those days were caroling, fortune telling and celebration.

Museum visitors were able to take part in all traditional rites. Carols could be heard from all sides. The mummers groups impressed even the most skeptic-minded guests who refused to take part in fortune telling, however they enjoyed listening to the carols dedicated to them and handed out different treats to mummers.

Entering the New Year, the natural human desire to look into the future appears more than ever, so fortunetelling occupies a special place among Christmastide rituals. During fortunetelling activities visitors tried to find out their fate for the coming year by: pulling prediction out of the bag, throwing boots, pulling out chocks, circle dancing and, making wishes.

Story telling was one of the elements of the Christmastide. Folk tales, myths are the true treasure of Russian culture, which have a great educational value. An interesting innovation in the Christmastide program was the new form of play based on the tale “Veles and his glorious wife Burya Vievna” that won the attention of the museum visitors. Not only the characters, but also a game form of presentation of mythological story, were unusual for children and their parents.

Brave Veles fought with the Serpent, whose number of heads only increased with each cut off. But the main character still managed to defeat the enemy with the help of the audience and their active participation in the trials, which were based on traditional games and fun. Of course, good defeated evil! Burya Vievna, also known as Baba Yaga, after Veles valiant feats turned into beautiful girl and became his wife.

To continue the “travel” in the world of Russian fairy tales visitors met the Chief winter wizard Father Frost in his residence. Riding down a hill on a sled and snowmobile riding in the woods gave a lot of positive emotions to museum guests of all ages.

Participation in Christmastide festivities and the outdoor activities became the best continuation of the New Year holidays.

January 21, 2014   Christmas Constellation at the museum-reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa

Museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” celebrated Christmas on Tuesday, January 7. Special holiday program called “Christmas Constellation” consisted of several parts which created a fantastic festive atmosphere.
A prayer service, officiated by Priest Vyacheslav Morozov (Rector of Kazan Mother of God Church in urban-type settlement Yashkino), was held at noon in the Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius. The Nativity Scene was staged at 13 o'clock, in the center of the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”, recreating the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Nativity Play gathered a lot of spectators. Everyone wanted to witness the miracle and get the particle of joy that young artists, members of the volunteer association “Zvezda” of Children's Creativity Center of the Central district of Kemerovo, gave people.
Then the guests followed the image of the Star of Bethlehem to the “Fairy Tale” exhibition. Before the start of the festive concert Father Vyacheslav Morozov warmly welcomed the audience and delivered the Christmas Message.

After that, the folk group “Rosstyn” performed ceremonial songs. Vocal performances helped to maintain a festive atmosphere.

Museum guests were delighted by the Folk Song Ensemble “Kudesy” performance, whose members will be remembered not only for their concert performances, but for

Kolyadovanie (Christmas caroling). Their good wishes and songs to the visitors quickly helped fill bags with treats and gifts.

Both children and adults could try on role of the Christmas caroler. Everyone could participate in the Christmas Carols Competition. Groups of young people with the image of the Star of Bethlehem with songs of praise appeared in different parts of the museum throughout the holiday. Museum visitors were engaged in a whirlwind of Christmas activities: wish making, good luck attraction, treats hand out to the carolers.

During the master class named “Christmas Angel”, the participants learned how to make Christmas tree decorations.

Meeting with Father Frost was an unforgettable experience for many kids who thanked him for New Year gifts. Guests of all ages were in good spirits supported by fun contests and winter fun: horseback riding and snowmobiling, a thrilling ride down from the hills on a inflatable round sled.

All components of the festival came together and made it bright and interesting for all participants. Christmas spirit filled every heart with joy!

January 16, 2014   Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum-Reserve Photography Exhibition in the Visit Dental Office at Kemerovo Secondary General Education School No.12

Museum Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa photography exhibition has opened on Wednesday, January 15 in the Visit dental office at the Kemerovo Secondary General Education School ¹ 12.

It is the first Museum Reserve exhibition in medical institutions. However, this is not “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” first experience in the art therapy field. The purpose of this exhibition is to distract visitors from thinking about the upcoming procedures and to get them into a positive mindset.
Photos are divided into two smaller thematic blocks: Museum Reserve’s “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” exhibitions and nature.

The exhibition will be on display until mid-February 2014.

January 11, 2014   Significant events in the life of the museum in November-December 2013

Summing up the year, I would like to note the events that occurred in the end of 2013 which have great importance for the museum.

In November, the Museum Director Valery Kaplunov participated in the Olympic Torch Relay, which took place in the Kuzbass, on Saturday, November 30.
The museum’s director is quite well known in the Kuzbass, and the museum, headed by him, is known far beyond the Kemerovo region.
Being an Olympic Torchbearer is a great honor and the once in a lifetime chance. Museum staff is rightly proud of being a part of this historic event as the whole museum was represented by its Director.

In the last days of the year museum was marked by awards:
  • Honorary Diploma of the Kemerovo Regional Administration for winning the regional stage of All-Russian contest “Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency” in the nomination “For lessening rates of industrial accidents and occupational diseases at non-industrial organizations”;
  • Honorary Diploma of the Kemerovo Regional Administration for winning the regional stage of the All-Russian contest “Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency” in the nomination “For development of social partnership at non-industrial organizations”;
  • Letter of Appreciation of Kuzbass Union of Employers for active participation in the regional stage of All-Russian contest.
Undoubtedly important for the museum was to receive such awards that are rarely given to public sector enterprises. These awards recognize the museum staff for their stellar work and inspire the museum-reserve to achieve further success in the organization of high social efficiency.


December,18 2013   Siberian Cultural Tourism Forum

Siberian Cultural Tourism Forum was held from December 5-7, in Barnaul. It was attended by the heads of administrations and cultural institutions of the various levels, experts from the state and private museums, representatives of tourism and hospitality industry.
Valery Kaplunov, Museum Director of Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum-Reserve, was one of the 200 Forum participants. The Forum was organized by the Altai Krai Administration with the support of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The overarching objectives of the event were: to expand Russia and the CIS countries humanitarian cooperation, to develop cultural and educational tourism and to increase interregional and international tourism exchange.
The involvement of cultural heritage in the tourism revenue was one of the issues particularly discussed at the Siberian Forum. The experience gained by the museum-reserve in this area gave an opportunity to Valery Kaplunov to contribute to the development of ways to address this issue. He took an active part in the round table titled “The Development of Children and Youth Tourism”, the most interesting in terms of the museum-reserve promotion to the Russiam travel market. He also moderated a panel called “Museum Participation in the Cultural Tourism Development”. In the report, entitled “Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum-Reserve as a Tourist Attractiveness”, he presented the main directions and methods to increase the attractiveness of the museum-reserve for the different types of tourism.

The Forum’s cultural program was packed with exciting and diverse events, including a visit to the exhibition of children’s photographs and drawings called “Amazing Altai”, visit to the Astronaut German Titov Memorial Museum, a trip to the racetrack of Tourism and Entertainment Complex “Sibirskoe Podvorie.”

The main result of participation in the Siberian Cultural Tourism Forum was not only new connections, but specific cooperation offers from several Altai travel agencies, which helped to achieve one of the Forum Objectives - the expansion of interregional tourism flow.

Hopefully, “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”, which became a cultural brand of the Kemerovo region, will become as attractive to our neighbors as the beauty of Altai to Kuzbass residents.

December,16 2013   "Russia, my motherland!"

In recognition of the Russian Constitution Day, on Sunday, December 8, the museum-reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" held a special program called "Russia, my motherland!"

Museum staff handed out the tricolor ribbons, representing a miniature copy of the Russian flag, to museum visitors as part of the campaign started at 1:00 PM. The campaign entitled "Russian tricolor", aimed to emphasize the Russian People’s Unity, a respect for our national symbols and pride in our Homeland. The campaign was carried out jointly with the Kemerovo regional branch of the United Russia party.

All visitors were welcomed to participate in the quiz called “Symbols of my country”. Most of the questions were not particularly difficult. There were many true connoisseurs of National Symbols of Russia and Kuzbass among museum guests that day. Participants didn’t puzzle over most of the questions. The prize for each correct answer was the booklet, which contained distinctive signs of our country and the Kuzbass. This bright printed edition aroused keen interest among those who got it.

A literary-musical composition "I love you, Russia!" was devoted to the state symbols (flag, emblem and anthem): the importance of the Constitution as the fundamental law of our country was emphasized through artistic techniques; Russian state symbols history was presented in poetic form; the performance included songs, dedicated to the Motherland.

After the program, everyone could participate in the relay races.
Bright white blue and red ribbons, reminding about the upcoming holiday, flashed, here and there, between the gray pine trunks until dusk.

December,16 2013   Museum lesson "Indigenous Peoples of Siberia"

Another museum lesson "Indigenous Peoples of Siberia" was held in Kemerovo State Teachers College on December 3, 2013.
Evgenia Demidova, Research Associate at the museum-reserve "Tomskaya Pisanitsa", delivered a lecture to second year students of the Design Department. She spoke about the exhibition “Indigenous Peoples of Siberia”, which recently opened in the reading room of the same college. During the lecture she gave a general characterization of the Turkic peoples living and residing in the territory of Siberia. In her talk, she focused on the Shors, covering their cultural and religious values, way of life and traditional roles and responsibilities of indigenous men and women. Speech was accompanied by a presentation based on the materials of the architectural and ethnographic complex “Shor ulus Kezek”.
The use of visual aids helped the students to get thoroughly acquainted with the material and spiritual heritage of one of the Siberian ethnic groups.

December,05 2013   Kuzbass Father Frost's Birthday

Chief Kuzbass Father Frost celebrated his birthday on December, 1 at the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.
It was unseasonably warm weather for the first day of December. Snow had covered the ground a few days before the holiday and melted on the eve of the event. Winter unsuccessfully tried to thrust itself upon us. Light snow fell in the morning. However, there were almost no traces of snow by lunch. But 29 Father Frosts, who arrived to the Tomskaya Pisanitsa from around the region to participate in the second phase of the competition “Best Kuzbass Father Frost”, managed to create a magic atmosphere of the New Year’s fairy tale.
Holiday Parade kicked off on the main avenue of the museum at 13:00. All Father Frosts and their entourage took part in this colorful costumed procession. Fairy tale and cartoon characters, Sochi Olympic mascots (the Snow Leopard and the Hare), who became the characters of competitive New Year programs, were expecting museum guests at every step of the way.

Chief Kuzbass Father Frost, the owner of the Tomskaya Pisanitsa Residence, arrived to the main stage in a phaeton. After greeting the contestants he went to his residence to receive guests, many of whom had already gathered by the beginning of the event. Kids and their parents hastened to say Happy Birthday to the Winter Wizard. More than two thousand people visited the museum that day. Mikhalap family from Novokuznetsk won the pre-announced contest for the best gift for Father Frost. It was their “New Year’s Tree” which Chief Kuzbass Father Frost liked the most.

A true “battle” of Father Frosts unfolded simultaneously at two sites for a ticket to the final. Competitive performances of the participants were devoted to the approaching Sochi Olympics, so at the beginning of the event contestants and guests of the museum were greeted by Museum Director Valery Kaplunov, one of the torchbearers of the Olympic Torch Relay “Sochi 2014” in Kemerovo.

Theatrical program, in which the characters each time proved to the envious Baba Yaga that Father Frost is real, was held on the central stage and became a leitmotif of the competition. Father Frosts and their assistants entertained museum guests, bringing joy and smiles to everyone. Competitive performances continued until 17:00. At the end of the “battle” judges summed up the results. All participants received gift bags and Letters of Appreciation from Chief Kuzbass Father Frost, 15 Father Frosts got desired “Snowflakes”, signifying a pass to the final phase of the competition “Best Kuzbass Father Frost”.

November,29 2013   The best Kuzbass Father Frost

The annual “Best Kuzbass Father Frost” regional competition will be held Sunday, December 1, 2013 and Saturday, December 14. This event has become deservedly popular and loved by local residents over the years of its existence.

Competition is held under the auspices of the Governor Aman Tuleyev and with the support of the Administration of the Kemerovo region. Organizers of the project, established by the Department of Culture and National Policy of Kemerovo region, are regional cultural institutions Kemerovo regional center of folk art and leisure, Kemerovo Regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater, historical cultural and natural museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”, Kemerovo Regional Museum of Local Lore, Kuzbasskino, Kemerovo House of artists.

In recent years, the event has become known far beyond the Kemerovo region and has aroused a great professional interest in the neighboring Siberian regions. A delegation consisting of 30 “Father Frosts” from Novosibirsk region took part in the competition in 2012. In this regard, in 2013 it was decided to expand the scope of the competition and invite to the event participants from neighboring territories and regions.

The competition will consist of three phases:
  • Phase 1: Municipal Departments of Culture of the Kemerovo region hold contests, by results of which a request to participate in the next phase is sent to the Organizing Committee.
  • Phase 2: City (district) competition winners will take part in the qualifying round of the regional competition “Best Kuzbass Father Frost”, which will be held Sunday, December 1, 2013 at the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. The judges will determine the winners who will compete in the final stage. On this day, Chief Kuzbass Father Frost will be celebrating his birthday in the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Children and their parents will be able to talk with Father Frost and present him with handmade gifts. He prepared a wonderful holiday program for his guests.
  • Phase 3: The competition final will be held Saturday, December 14, 2013 in Kemerovo (the final contestants will present their creative performance “Father Frost Presentation” in the Kemerovo Regional Lunacharsky Drama Theater).
A new contest for “The Most Unusual New Year’s Tree” will be held within the framework of the final event. Only those territories whose contestant took part in the “Best Kuzbass Father Frost” competition are allowed to participate in it.

November,25 2013   Mother's Day

An entertainment program for the whole family “Go Mommies!” dedicated to the Mother's Day was held on Sunday, November 24 at the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.

Sunday morning dawned snowy in the museum. Tree crowns were covered in white. Upon arrival, visitors got the impression that they entered a real winter wonderland. To maintain a good atmosphere, costumed characters of Lynx and Bear gathered guests at the main stage.
A lot of moms with children visited the museum that day, so they formed the main part of the family teams. There were so many wishing to participate in competitions that winter fun turned into a real Winter Olympics. After the first task blush appeared on the faces of the contestants and their eyes began to sparkle. Despite the fact that the competitions were humorous, passions were running high. After seeing with what fervor their wives and children were fighting for the victory, fathers decided to join their families. All participants received prizes from the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” after the competition.

Singer Alexander Zaichenko and students of the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts performed during the breaks between competitions. The museum organized a workshop for younger guests “Draw a Card for your Mom!” During which children made gifts for their mothers. More than 500 people visited the museum on that day. Each guest left the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” in high spirits.

November,22 2013   Mother's Day

Mother's Day entertainment program will be held on Sunday, November 24 at 13:00 at the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.

Mother's Day is celebrated in almost all countries of the world. This day has only recently been introduced in Russia. Mother's Day was established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin on January 30, 1998, it is celebrated on the last Sunday of November, honoring motherhood and their selfless sacrifice for the good of their children.
Events held on this day are another reason to say kind words to our mothers. Specially for Mother's Day museum prepared an entertainment program for the whole family “Go Mommies!” which will start on the main stage at 13:00.

Funny skomorokhs will hold games and competitions for all comers. Singer Alexander Zaichenko and students of the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts will delight museum visitors with their performances. During the festival will be held a workshop for kids “Draw a Card for your Mom!” Children will be able to make with their own hands a gift for their mothers.

Reduced admission to mothers on this day will be a nice gift for Mother's Day.

November,21 2013   “Siberian Valenok Holiday”

“Siberian Valenok Holiday” was held for the first time at the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” on November 17.
The museum visitors were met by costumed characters Lynx and the Hare who together with skomorokhs entertained visitors with folk games before the start of the program. Festival guests played Thread the Needle next to the central stage.

The program started when cheerful skomorokhs, wearing boots, said that they were very cold and wanted to warm up so they invited festival guests to go on search of the warmest footwear. On their way they met an Aleut, an Australian and a Schor, who introduced them to such kinds of shoes like Mukluks, Ugg boots and Uduki (traditional Shor boots). However, these shoes weren’t warm enough for the harsh Siberian frost. Only with the appearance of Russian young man, skomorokhs remembered that there are Russian native warm shoes - Valenki. The program was filled with games, songs and fun.

Warm and comfortable felt boots are back in fashion again. Many holiday guests participated in “Felt boots decorating” master class. They learned how to turn an unattractive felt boots in an exclusive item of the winter wardrobe. All day on the main avenue of the museum-reserve was open a fairground where visitors could buy souvenirs. A large number of felt products were presented there, such as coats, gloves, toys, felt boots, of course, and more. Everyone could taste a traditional Russian drink spicy hot Sbiten.

The atmosphere was bright and pleasant. Despite the first snow, museum visitors were warmed by the festive fun and got a lot of positive emotions.

November,15 2013   “Siberian Valenok Holiday” will be held for the first time at the museum -reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” on November 17 at 13:00

Certain items and brands became symbols of a country, such as the Eiffel Tower and frog legs in France, the Statue of Liberty and jeans in US, the Moscow Kremlin, Russian nested doll and felt boots in Russia.

Valenki in the form they are familiar to us appeared in Siberia in 18th century. Later, they became widespread in other Russian regions, even though the ancestors of valenki, that is a different kinds of felted shoes, appeared much earlier in the middle of 1st millennium BC

In honor of the “hero”, who for centuries saves us from the cold, it was decided to arrange a holiday. Participants of the event will not only learn the history of felt boots, but they will be able to try themselves in the role of their creator, as modern felt boots are a great field for the designer imagination.

Theatrical program “What a felt boot!” will start with a history of felt craftsmanship in Russia. The story will be accompanied by various quizzes and competitions in which museum visitors of all ages can take part. “Felt boots decorating” master class will be held at the festival. Using special materials and work pieces everyone will be able to create their own felt item.

An exhibition of felt and wool products will be presented to the museum visitors by Art Studio “Sundochok” and the Studio Shop “Sherstyanaya lavka” You can purchase the liked items at the exhibition. Also souvenirs can be found at the hawkers and souvenir shops which will work during the holiday.

Animal costumed characters and skomorokhs will help to create the atmosphere of the festival.

November,8 2013   We are able to live amicably

An entertainment program "We are able to live amicably", dedicated to the celebration of the “Unity Day” was held in the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” on November 2, 3 and 4.
Unity Day was established in honor of events of 1612 when Russian voluntary troops commanded by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated Moscow from Polish invaders that brought an end to the Time of Troubles in Russia. Representatives of almost all the nations living on the territory of then Russia united in the fight for the preservation of Russian statehood. The tradition of celebrating this memorable day was temporarily interrupted in 1917 and was reinstituted by the Russian Federation in 2005.

For 3 days for the visitors was held an entertainment program “We are able to live amicably” at the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Charming hosts in traditional costumes opened the program telling about the history of the holiday, and congratulated all those present at the event. Singer Alexander Zaichenko performed many of well-known and beloved songs. Costumed characters Petrushka, Dog and Badger teamed up with skomorokhs entertained children and adults with a variety of relay races and contests. The winners received prizes from the museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Museum visitors were pleased with the news about free admission to the museum on November 4. Open-air disco for all-comers was the finale of the event. More than 2,500 people visited the museum during the three-day weekend.

November,2 2013   An exhibition dedicated to the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” was held at school 98 in Kemerovo in October.

School 98 is a longtime friend of the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. For 15 years Olga Pavlovich organizes visits to our museum. The result of a long collaboration was an exhibition of drawings and photographs of elementary school students of the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Museum staff decided to put the selected works in libraries and museums, along with the works of the Kuzbass artists.

The first stop will be the I.M. Kiselyov library in which the exhibition will be held in December 2013.

List of students who took part in the exhibition:
  • 1B Dasha Drozd (homeroom teacher E.V. Los)
  • 1E Volodya Mylnikov (homeroom teacher O.A. Pavlovich)
  • 1E Christina Shinkareva (homeroom teacher O.A. Pavlovich)
  • 1D Anastasia Kuznetsova (homeroom teacher E.V. Nikolaeva)
  • 4B Dasha Malyk (homeroom teacher T.V. Timofeeva)
  • 3B Oleg Siebert (homeroom teacher O.V. Gorodishchenskaya)
  • 3D Dmitry Kulikov (homeroom teacher O.E. Panchenkova)
  • 3A Sophia Miller (homeroom teacher L.V. Nyatina)
Collective works:
  • 1E (homeroom teacher. O.A. Pavlovich)
  • 2A (homeroom teacher O.M. Litvin)
  • 3D (homeroom teacher O.E. Panchenkova)
  • 4B (homeroom teacher T.V. Timofeeva)
  • 1A (homeroom teacher T.R. Karpenko)
  • 2B (homeroom teacher N.N. Chursina)
  • 3B (homeroom teacher O.V. Gorodishchenskaya)
  • 4A (homeroom teacher V.A. Kalichkina)
  • 2E (homeroom teacher E.M. Tyuryukova)
  • 3C (homeroom teacher I.L. Chebanova)
  • 4B (homeroom teacher Y.V. Muratova)
  • 2B (homeroom teacher N.E. Vlasova)

    November 2, 2013   World Without Drugs

    Within the framework of the anti-drug campaign “Conscript” the sports and entertainment program “World Without Drugs” was held on October 27 at the Museum-Reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.

    The program was dedicated to the Russian National Conscript Day.

    Representatives of the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation in Kemerovo region assisted museum staff in the preparation of the program.
    For high school students of Yashkinsky district, the future defenders of the Fatherland, the event featured a variety of sports such as kettlebell lifting, arm wrestling, push-ups, tug of war, sacks-battle on the crossbar. 27 boys aged from 15 to 17 years, divided into two teams: school ¹4 team from urban-type settlement Yashkino and Yashkinsky College of technology and mechanization team, competed in strength, agility and ingenuity. Humorous contests for speed and team spirit were held as a part of the event. The boys raced wearing huge shoes, “diapers” and giant pants.

    At the end of the event participants got sweet rewards from the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” and they enjoyed hot tea in the Governor's tea room. In their free time, boys walked around the museum and visited a Mini Zoo by themselves.

    The keynote of the event was the slogans "We are for a healthy way of life" and “World Without Drugs”.

    October 15, 2013   The museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” employees and priest Fr. Michael (Smirnov) visited Novokuznetsk

    They visited the Cathedral of the Nativity built in memory of the 67 miners who were killed December 2, 1997 at the mine “Zyryanovskaya”. The foundation stone was blessed and set on July 4, 1998. The construction of the temple began in the summer of 2000.

    The cathedral is built in so called “ship shaped” manner topped with nine onion-shaped domes which are called “heads”, with a bell tower and two aisles attached on north and south. The total area of the cathedral is 3391 square meters. Temple holds about 2,500 people. Inside the church there is a kanun (special funereal memorial table) with the names of all the miners killed in Kuzbass since 1920. It collected more than 15 thousand recorded names in total.

    “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” employees also visited the bell tower where they were listening to the church bells, the sound of which was heard over the city.

    Then the group headed to the Museum “Kuznetsk fortress”. Kuznetsk Fortress represents an outstanding example of Siberian military-engineering art of 18-19 centuries. Construction began in 1800 and was completed in 1820. Kuznetsk Fortress was the part of the fortification system, the main purpose of which was to control Qing China aggression towards the southern Siberia.

    In 1846 Kuznetsk fortress was removed from the balance sheet of the Ministry of War. The fortress was reorganized into a prison for criminal offenders. The prison functioned until 1919 when during the Civil War all prison buildings were burned.

    In 1998, the Kuznetsk fortress carried out large-scale restoration works. Currently the museum-reserve “Kuznetsk fortress” includes more than a dozen objects of architectural and military fortification in varying degrees of preservation.

    Novokuznetsk colleagues conducted a guided tour of the fortress and the main exhibitions presented in it.

    Museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” staff would like to express our appreciation to Father Michael for organized event. Also we would like to thank the administration of the museum “Kuznetsk fortress” for the warm welcome and hospitality.

    September 10, 2013   Classic Car Show

    The 9th Annual Inter-Regional Classic Car Show entitled “Retro-Siberia” was held on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at the Museum-Reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.

    Vintage cars were displayed along the main avenue of the museum.
    From 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM at the central stage of the museum was held an entertainment program filled with contests, quizzes, music and games for the whole family. Everyone could take part in competitions and win prizes. At the same time took place an exhibition called “Forgotten Antiquities” where visitors could experience old time atmosphere and see the rare items: watches, cameras, bags, old magazines. In addition, guests of the show, for the first time in its four-year history, got the chance to ride in the passenger seat of a classic vehicle. No one wanted to miss an opportunity to take a ride in a classic car.

    Award ceremony started at 6:00 PM. Car show featured more than 50 classic vehicles, including Volga Pobeda, GAZ M1, retro scooters, “Citroen”, Volkswagen Karmann, 1937 Ford and the famous Chaika.

    More than 200 participants came not only from the Kemerovo region, but also from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Barnaul, and Biysk. 1st Place winner Pobozhev S.A, Omsk, Citroen 2CV. 2nd Place winner Chyuryakov A.V., Kemerovo, GAZ-13 Chaika - the famous car of ministers and members of the Central Committee of the USSR. “Retro-Siberia” Grand Prix winner Morozov P.S., Novosibirsk, Volkswagen Karmann.

    The celebration ended with a magnificent fire show. More than 2000 people visited the museum that day.

    August 26, 2013   Preliminary results of an archaeological expedition on the monument Ivanovka - 1

    As previously reported, from 5 to 25 August a Collaborative Research Team from the Institute of Human Ecology (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), the Museum-Reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” and Tomsk State Pedagogical University, conducted archaeological excavations in the Yashkinsky district of the Kemerovo region. Members of the expedition carried out an archaeological research of the monument Ivanovka-1. The total area of the excavation was about 110 square meters. Excavation revealed complex of artifacts of Krohalevskaya culture of the Early - Intermediate Bronze Age (beginning of second millennium BC). In addition, for the first time in the Kuzbass Pritom’ye was revealed a burial complex of Kulayskaya culture of the early Iron Age (the last third of the first millennium BC).

    As part of the expedition Tomsk State Pedagogical University students and staff received an introductory tour of the museum-reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa.” Tomsk citizens enjoyed visiting the museum-reserve. Vivid impressions and good memories of that visit will forever remain with Kuzbass guests.

    Preliminary scientific results obtained during the expedition, can be called successful and requiring further continuation of inter-organizational cooperation.

    August 9, 2013   Museum-Reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa Ethnographic Expedition Completed

    From July 27 to August 7, 2013, a research team from the Museum-Reserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” in collaboration with the Moscow Institute of History of Cultures conducted an ethnographic survey of rural settlements in Yurginsky, Yashkinsky and Krapivinsky districts. The expedition was conducted under the guidance of Larisa Skryabina, Candidate of Historical Sciences and “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” Scientific Consultant, and with the support of the Department of Culture and National Policy of Kemerovo region.

    The aim of the expedition was to find, to fix and to study the monuments of rural architecture of 19th - early 20th century, and to collect the ethnographic objects. The route covered 36 villages, starting from the northernmost village Alaevo in Yurginsky district to the village Taradanovo in Krapivinsky district - the extreme southern point of the expedition. As a result, the expedition recorded 239 buildings (churches, houses, outbuildings) of historical and cultural value, and more than 130 objects of material and spiritual culture of the Russian 19th - early 20th century were obtained.

    Part of the discovered buildings is under threat of destruction. The museum-reserve is currently trying to establish buildings ownership and possibility of their purchase to create a new ethnographic exhibition entitled “Russians of Pritom`ye”. At the planned exposition site will be featured different types of dwellings both of old-timers and of resettled population of the Tom River basin.

    May 16, 2013   Kuzbass Exhibition of active rest 2013

    From the 15th of May to the 19th of May is the week of active rest 2013, in which are included shows and conventions – Rest. Leisure. Hobby, The Industry of Turism, Hunt and Fishing, Siberian assembly of museums.

    Grzheletsky Sergey is Director General of the Expo-Siberia Kuzbass Exhibition Company. He marked that the key objective of the Week is to show the Kuzbass residents all forms and possibilities of an interesting and useful leisure and rest activity.
    «Trade fairs dealing with active rest, journeys, tourism, hunting and fishing, entertaining passions, museums and theatres are always interesting by their diversification».

    On the 15th of May was opened exhibition pavilion.
    Also was opened the ceremony of official opening shows and conventions, in which participated representatives of Kemerovo region Administration and Kemerovo city Administration.

    «Traditionally, trade fairs imply an active information share.
    The program of this congressional exhibition event is rich in the most diversified arrangements: conferences, seminars, presentations, round-table talks and master classes where urgent issues of the museum business, the development of the tourist branch and so on will be discussed».     

    April 25, 2013   

    The main specialist of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» and its founder, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor of Archeology chair - Anatoly Martinov was entitled as «Honorary citizen of Kemerovo region».     
    1.Honorary degree «Honorary citizen of Kemerovo region» was appropriated for special services to Kemerovo region; for displayed heroism, courage, bravery; for promotion of authority in Kemerovo region, for attainment of significant results in social- economical development of Kemerovo region (cultural, scientific and other spheres of public life.

    2.The appropriation of Honorary degree «Honorary citizen of Kemerovo region» is produced only 5 people in the year.

    April 23, 2013   

    The main specialist of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» and its founder, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor of Archeology chair - Anatoly Martinov was on a business trip at the invitation of National Academy of Sciences in Republic of Kazakstan. The business trip was taken place from 16 to 21 of April, in town Almaty.     
    Mister Martinov appeared at plenary meeting of scientific conference, was consecrated to preparation «The history of Kazakhstan in 10 volumes, 20 books».
    Also Anatoly Martinov conducted the meetings, gave lectures at the Faculty of History in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Mr. Martinov held working meetings in National Academy of Sciences at Presidium in participation and preparation for the first volume « The history of Kazakhstan». Besides, he met with people in The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan; communicated with the director of museum - Alimbai Nursan.
    Anatoly Martinov was acquainted with funds of section «Archeology»: expositions, scientific works, editions, etc.
    The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the largest museums in Central Asia. Its collections were originally displayed in the 1830s in the city of Orenburg.
    One of the organisers was the famous linguist and author of the 'Explanatory Dictionary', Vladimir Dal. Today the collection of the Central State Museum numbers more than 200,000 artefacts of material and spiritual culture.
    The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan comprises four exhibition rooms, in which evidence of Kazakhstan's long history is presented, starting from the beginning of life on earth, right up until the present day.
    The Museum has published the collection of articles and scientific work, which were initiated to the questions of history and museology in Kazakhstan.
    The main collections of the largest and oldest museum in the country - The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan - comprise around 300,000 exhibits. Started at the beginning of the 1830s by workers from the Nepliuevskii Cadet Corps , the collections merged a rich diversity of exhibits from the museums in the Orenburg and Zhetysu regions.
    Links to the official site of museum: http://www.csmrk.kz/

    April 2, 2013   Museum lesson «Amulets dolls»

    On March 2013, Higher Senior Officer of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» Evgeny Simonenko conducted lesson on the theme « Russian amulet doll» in gymnasium ¹ 62 and in school ¹ 39.

    Old times human created amulets. Human made it intentionally for protecting house, relatives and intimates. Nowadays there are a lot of amulets in our houses. More often it was just decorations, because people forgot the amulets and how to make it.
    As part of museum lesson was masterclass on production amulet dolls «Domestic Maslenitsa». For production dolls was used hay, and also varicolored flaps of cloth and bright braid. Traditionally, dolls were made in the end of winter at time of Maslenitsa week.     
    All year around doll was at house, had taken in negative energy, for example, family quarrels and troubles. At the next year had made new «Domestic Maslenitsa», and this one burnt with big doll. Burning doll was converted into ashes. All mental negative of year were gone away.     
    Reviving old traditions we connected with old knowledge. We remember our backgrounds. Our power is power of ancestors, power of knowledge, which were accumulated by knowledge of our ancestors.     

    March 20, 2013   On the 11th of March Anatoly Martinov celebrated his eightieth anniversary.

    On the 11th of March Anatoly Martinov celebrated his eightieth anniversary.

    Anatoly Martinov is a famous scientist, professor of Archeology chair, the main specialist of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» and its founder, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation, Doctor of Historical Sciences.
    Some events, were consecrated the jubilee of Anatoly Martinov, passed from 11 to 15 of March.

    On the 11th of March scientist celebrated his birthday in museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» and in Kemerovo State University of culture and arts.

    In Kemerovo State University on the 11th of March was opened the exhibition «Researcher, scientist, educational specialist ». On the 15th of March in «Zvezdny Zal» scientist had met with students.

    Scientist told students about his personal and professional life, told some of his professional secrets and plans for future.
    The main secrets of his success- were permanent work and reliable family. After in first building of University was final ceremonial part. Anatoly Martinov celebrated it with his scientific colleagues.

    March 18, 2013   Maslenitsa

    On the 16th of March in museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa celebrated «Zolovkiny posidelkky» or "Daughter-in-law's Day". At that day worked one scene at the exposition «Fairy Tale».
    At the programme was presented the celebration of the 6th day Maslenitsa. «Zolovkiny posidelkky» is dramatize, competitive, playing programme with personages: sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, starucha-prorucha, spell-bound husband-samovar.
    Competitions were interesting and incendiary. For competitions were used attractions- skis, diapers, and boots of Gulliver. Visitors were joyful looking at dance group «Deti-Yeti» with incendiary dances.
    The 6th day of Maslenitsa was ended by bringing snow stronghold and burning of scarecrow. Burning of scarecrow doesn’t present traditional for Maslenitsa 6th day.
    But that day arrived many families with children and childish excursions group from cities of Kuzbass and other regions, which couldn’t go at Big Day, so burning scarecrow made for them.
    On the 17th of March was celebrated Big Maslenitsa Day. Tomskaya Pisanitsa at that day turned into one big village.
    There was various dramatize programme with competitions, games, brave amusement.

    At this day worked 4 scenes: «Central Entrance», «the main scene», the exposition «Fairy Tale», and sport ground.Holiday began from central gates, where visitors had met with joyful songs.

    At sport scene men showed power and daring. Interesting was fighting for snow town. The main characters were young girls and boys by order of Matushka-Zabavushka, they walked «for all village» with dances and jokes.

    The history of seven Maslenitsa days was presented in main traditions. All visitors participated in holiday.Prizes and gifts from sponsors were surprise for guests. There were TV sets, cells, cock and frying pans for pancakes.

    People bought pancakes and souvenirs. Burning a straw effigy and chorovod, which means the victory of Spring against Winter.

    February 18, 2013   Museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa celebrated it’s the twenty-fifth anniversary!

    On the 14th and on the 15th of February were some actions, which were consecrated for anniversaries of Kemerovo region and the Tomskaya Pisanitsa. There was regional seminar for museum directions and directors of show-rooms. It was called «Museum foundations of Kuzbass in modern convenience».
    At seminar were stuck the balance of work museums in 2012 year, sharing experience in working. Such question as «Actual problems of Kuzbass museums» was considered.
    There was a presentation of publishing and projects by museum-preserve. Scientific workers of museum shared their experience in working with children.
    On the 14th of February at House of painters in Kemerovo opened the exhibition, consecrated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa and 70 anniversary of Kemerovo region.
    At exhibition were presented objects from ethnographic collection of museum, especially, for the first time had exposed full complets of cult Teleut objects, in which published the brochure «Family and ancestral patrons of Teleuts». Objects of Shor collection were expended by paintings of Kuzbass painters.
    Separate part was consecrated for settling of Russian population this land. Objects of Russian collection also were presented at the exhibition; some of them were exposed in first time. Here was situated the case of the XIX century.
    The main treasure is the monument Tomskaya Pisanitsa, which was presented at exhibition with micalent copies, plaster casts and photography. At the river Tom were famous others monuments, photos, which were presented to visitors. The unique copy of Tutalskaya pisanitsa was gifted to museum by scientific researchers.
    Images of rock art were inspired modern artists too, works of whom expended petroglyph parts of the exhibition. Visitors could see many interesting art works. Separate hall consecrated the history of museum and its developing. Here presented awards and publishing’s of museum, also photos, paintings, models.
    At this day was award ceremony of young poets and painters, who won the competition «My Tomskaya Pisanitsa».

    Scientific workers picked up awards from Congress of People's Deputies.
    For the participants of seminar was organized various cultural programme: visiting Dramatic Theatre, visiting night town in Leonovs museum. On the 15th of February quests visited Museum of Fine Arts and Regional Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy.
    On the 15th of February guests participated in festive occasion, consecrated to the twenty-fifth anniversary of museum –preserve. It was in the theatre of children and youth.

    Museum was congratulated by represents of regional institutions of culture, delegations from universities, represents of clergy, friends, partners and represents of MSM.
    Many kind words were told for museum and its workers. There was interesting concert programme.

    For 25 years were made a lot. Museum is favorite place for visiting.
    And at that day workers of museum awarded from Regional Administration and its departments.
    Direction of museum-preserve was presented corporative sign reward from silver, which were honored scientific workers. These people worked in museum more than 20 years in museum. Now it is good corporate tradition.

    December 25, 2012   The results if competition «My Tomskaya Pisanitsa»

    On 24 of December 2012 in 13 p.m. at library Kiseleva was bringing results of competition «My Tomskaya Pisanitsa». This competition devoted to seventieth anniversary of Kemerovo region and twenty-fifth anniversary of creation “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.
    There were presented images, handicrafts, miscellanies from inmates of a children's home, boarding schools, comprehensive schools and lycees of Kemerovo, Tomsk, Osinniki.
    At this exposition were declared works of winners. These people were got into the final in two nominations: art and literary word. All participants had diplomas.
    After the Award Ceremony fairy heroes invited children to participate at holiday programme with Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Guests of honour were poets and artists. Finalists of competition received invitations to inauguration grand prize, which will be at 26 of January 2013 in House of Artists.

    December 11, 2012   Old holiday New Year

    Where comes the tradition to put New Year's tree? How and with what it was decorated? Where and when appeared new years Decoration? What New Year toys were used our grannies? Pupils of 2 class of school ¹ 68 from Kemerovo knew at the library “Dialog”. There was an exhibition of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa», which is called “Old holiday New Year”.
    Children saw an exhibition, knew history of New Year toys, and also met Library Snow Maiden. Snow Maiden conducted for children some competitions and games. Father Frost waits everybody in his Residence of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa».

    December 11, 2012   The exhibition “My Tomskaya Pisanitsa”

    In 27th of November 2012 was started to work the exhibition “My Tomskaya Pisanitsa” at the library Kiseleva. The exhibition is the second round in competition for the best picture, handmade article, literary work, which started in September 2012. In this competition were participated schools, lycees, orphanages, boarding school of town Kemerovo and Artistic school in town Osinniki.
    In 24 December on 13.00 will be taken place festive opening of childish works «My Tomskaya Pisanitsa». The exhibition divided at arts objects ( pictures, handmade articles) and literary (poems, prose, plays). Also there is voting for the best childish work. Poets, artists and writers were invited at jury.

    Souvenirs and awards will be presented after sizing up of competition to all participants. Children could participate in competition and fame programme with Father Frost, New-Year tree, Snow Maiden and fairy personages after ceremony part.

    The exhibition will be worked until the end of December.

    December 10, 2012   Museum lesson “Fund subject”

    On the 5th of December 2012 in lycee ¹ 62 in Kemerovo was held recurrent museum lesson. Lesson on the theme “Fund subject” for pupils first class took scientific worker of museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” by Simonenko Evgeniya. On museum lesson children knew: what is fund subject, how often are subjects usual, what the legend is for fund subject and how to make it. Lesson ended by fascinating game “make a legend for gold key”, what allow consolidating review.

    December 3, 2012   Happy Birthday of Father Frost

    On the 1 and 2 December in museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» was celebrated Happy Birthday of main Father Frost in Kuzbass: in these days tool place the regional contest “The best Father Frost of Kuzbass-2012”.
    In celebration were participated 25 Father Frosts practically from all districts and towns of Kemerovo region and 6 Father Frosts from Novosibirsk. With people from Novosibirsk arrived support team, which consisted from 29 costumed personages.
    All they came to congratulate Main Father Frost with Happy Birthday. Competitors were presented for judge of visitors the fragments of New Year’s game programme.
    Main Father Frost of Kuzbass in grand manner arrived in sledge, which harness by horse in central scene. Costumed personages (these were foresters: lynx, bear, badger) met Father Frost. This meeting was beginning of celebration.
    After participants of celebration show, Father Frost, snowmen, skomorokhs went in 3 columns to the central scene, when all of them greeted main Father Frost.
    Presentation was duried by general dance of all personages, also joined spectators. In the 1 of December worked 2 stages, in which competitors presented their creation.
    Main Father Frost traditionally met guests in residence. He accepted gifts, presented certificates about visiting, also he talked with children.
    Children red Father Frost poems, songs, told about themselves, presented gifts, made by themselves. Letters to Father Frost were imported since 1 December.
    By the results of competition 15 participants passed to the second round. On the 2 December celebrations were continued. Guests from Novosibirsk presented their programme- games, contests, songs and dances.
    Museum were visited near 2000 people. All participated in celebration projects. Volunteers had an opportunity went for a ride on snowmobiles and horses.
    In gubernatorial tearoom people could get warm by tea. Despite of the weather was cold- mood of visitors was glad and cheerful.
    Main Father Frost of Kuzbass will be accepted each Saturday and Sunday before Maslenitsa.
    Ãëàâíûé Êóçáàññêèé Äåä Ìîðîç áóäåò ïðèíèìàòü ãîñòåé åæåíåäåëüíî êàæäóþ ñóááîòó è âîñêðåñåíüå äî Ìàñëåíèöû.

    November 29, 2012   Museum lesson (archaeology)

    On the 29th November 2012 in Kemerovo was held recurrent museum lesson. Lesson in form of lection for pupils of 5 classes took scientific workers of museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” Moskvina Elena and Leontev Stanislav. They told children about archaeology, briefly outlined history and modern significance of this science, remarked main groups of archeological sources and forms of its consult on how to use it science in museum activity. In motion lections for pupils were demonstrated some genuine ancient subjects from archeological collection from the funds of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa».

    November 26, 2012   Mothers Day

    On the 25th of November in museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa ” took place the celebration, initiated for Mother's Day.
    Began the holiday at central museums scene with concert- playing programme «Light of maternity- light of love».
    Funny skomorokhs entertained public with running and greetings. Visitors participated active in games and competition. Before evening were sounded fervent songs and music.
    At Mother's Day was timed grand opening gubernatorial tearoom. Close by tearoom was installed 4 metres inflatable samovar. Guests were invited by cordial owners and were treathed by herbal tea, bread rings, sweets. Special popularity were made tea with dog rose.
    At the territory worked masterclass “the gift for mother with one's own hands”. Children contrived rag dolls, paper dolls, drew.
    In this day in museum was operated an action «entry for mum 50%». This holiday were visited free more than 150 people from having many children family of Yashkinsky district.

    November 7, 2012   «We are children from one country»

    On the 4th of November at the territory of museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” took place the holiday «We are children from one country», which was initiated for the Unity Day.

    At that holiday were participated representatives of national social organizations, which were operated at the territory of Kuzbass.
    For visitors was presented various programme. Some creative teams had demonstrated their art. People enjoyed the performance by young dancers of groups « Armenians in Kuzbass». Public also liked performances of Tatar and Judaic groups. Polyphony of national cultures runs into banner of Russia.

    At the expositions of « national costum» was presented cloth and footwear of Russians Siberians, and also native Turkic nations- shors and teleuts. Visitors of museum could participate in masterclass «Doll in national costum» and « Magical circle of potter».
    At holiday were sounded words of greeting at different languages. Creative teams had been given care packages and grateful letters from the museum-preserve.
    The programme was duried more than 3 hours. This holiday is the holiday of national unity in Kuzbass, in Russia.

    November 7, 2012   The second Interregional regional readings, devoted Leonid Kyzlasov

    From 24th till 26th of October 2012 scientific worker from sections of fonds Demidova Evgenia participated in scientific and practical conference «The second Interregional regional readings, devoted Leonid Kyzlasov» overlooked Abakan.

    At conference were worked 3 sections: «Archaeology», «Museology», «Historical regional ethnography». At each sections were more than 15 reports. Theme of report was affected connection of prehistoric and contemporary art- «Prehistoric and traditional art». The report was accompanied by presentation.
    The first quarter in 2013 will be appeared symposium of conference participants. Cultural programme was also saturated. Participants of conference had visited museums, historical monuments, objects of cultural heritage, which was incorporated at the list of Unesco, for exemple Hurtuyas-Tas.

    October 9, 2012   «World Animal Day»

    On the 7th of October in museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» took place a holiday, initiated to animals. It was World Animal Day.
    To congratulate inhabitants of mini-zoo, also participate in games and competitions, were arrived more than 1500 people.
    The weather was dry, calid, sunny. Mood was good, guests participated in competitive-game programme.

    At holiday were participated students of Kemerovo State University of culture and art. They opened parade of carnival suit, disguised in mascot. There was a competition of suits.
    Guests could arrive in images of some animal. Also they came to holiday – free of charge. Some guys came in suits of foxes, bears, hares, also there was one frog.
    People who can’t prepared mascot, the masters of aqua- make-up had helped at the image of favorite animal with paints and brush. Badger was the most adorable mascot among guests.
    One of the important events was photo exhibition «My endearing and tender wild animal». In it exposed the best works of participants in this competition.
    The competition was conducted among pupils and participants from all types and categories of educational institutions.
    From 24th of September till 5th of October workers of museum received more than thousands photographs of animals.
    The nominations were in such subjects as «My pet» (photos with domestic animals), «we were betrayed» (photographs of homeless), «Foresters»( photos of feral animals).

    To choose one winner was very difficult, that’s why there was another nomination People's Choice Award.
    There was one more reason to be happy. Inhabitants of mini-zoo (foxes and bachelors) had new spacious enclosures. In museum-preserve we had share «Adopt a Pet». Person could be care-taker of animal.

    Administration of museum congratulated people, who had cared about animals many years by honorary certificate and presents.
    Each of sponsors had souvenirs personal clocks with the image of four-footed under wardship and carte of honorable guests. These people could visit free in the course of year.

    September 28, 2012   Scientific expedition of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» was started to the southward Krasnoyarsk region, in Tuva and Mongolia in August and September 2012.

    At the period from 10 August till 20 September took place an expedition of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» to the southward Krasnoyarsk region, in Tuva and Mongolia.

    The first part of this programme was connected with studying the monuments of Rock Art in the territory along the Yenisei River. Petroglyphs in Krasnoyarsk region and Tuva, such as Ust-Tuba, Maly Bayanakol, Doge, Erbek were copied. There had produced scientific descriptions and photofixation of petroglyphs.
    In the course of expedition works at the territory in Mongolia was visited the famous cave with colorific images of Hoyt-Cenger Aguy. Monuments of Rock art were explored. Some deer stones of Arhangayskogo and Hovdokskogo Aymakov were copied and fixed in photos. Some Kurgan stelaes and statues (The Middle Ages), museums were visited.
    Besides field study, participants of expeditions made statements with reports in International scientific conference « Ancient cultures of Mongolia and Baikal in Siberia.


    September 25, 2012   Museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa acknowledged one of Kuzbass`s wonder

    At the results of provincial competition «Seven wonders of Kuzbass», devoted to 70th formation of Kemerovo region. 7 objects were identified as regions monuments, which awarded to distinguished title «Wonders of Kuzbass».

    Winners were identified by force of opened interactive voting in official sites, such were: department of culture and national politics in Kemerovo region, department of youth politics and sport (Kemerovo region), TV channel «Kuzbass». Vote counting, which was entered department of culture and national politics in Kemerovo region. 25230 people were participate in voting.

    Museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» was gathered 1258 votes and kept pedestal second place!

    September 17, 2012   «Holiday of Siberian samovar»

    On the 16th of September in museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» in Yashkino region took place the Holiday of Siberian samovar.

    Bees, devoted to the symbol of Russian feast and hospitality had celebrated twice yet. In this year the holiday was collected more than thousands people of Kuzbass.
    At the atmosphere of fun got in the entrance. Here students by Kemerovo State University of culture and art had dressed in Russian national cloth, met guests with songs, dances and humorous catchphrases.
    At the central path, which led central area, merchant woman entertained tea and bread rings at visitors. Also a girl instructed how to carry bucket and yoke. In museum-preserve all holidays had special concert- entertaining programme.
    And in this holiday too, performed winners of Russian and international competitions. There were: company country dance «Shakhtersky Ogonek» and vocal ensemble «Russia», and also students of KemGUKI.
    The theme of tea drinking at holiday was spared special attention. Here drank tea and also told about medicinal power of honey. Trendy honey from «Tomskaya Pisanitsa», sanctified by dean of chapel Father Aleksy. Also was organized special exhibition.
    Exhibits for it from the personal collection courteous gave president of hockey club «Kuzbass» Andrei Selsky. Visitors saw samovars of the 19th century. It was fabricated in first-rate Tulsky samovars factory, and the most popular samovars factory Batashevs.
    Theirs samovar were obtained highest award in All-Russian and international exhibitions, excelled high quality, variety from the form and decoration and had 54 different styles.

    September 13, 2012    

    2012 is the year of Russian history in Russia; thereon museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” took place some events, which were initiated for different aspects of Russian history. One of these events was a lesson. This lesson was led by scientific worker of “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” Sergey Ismagambetov in the library Kiseleva( Kemerovo).

    Sixth formers assisted in this lesson and they always had participated at such event. This one was initiated for establishment and development Slavic and Russian written language. At this lesson children knew a lot about written language. Who, when and what for created written language, 2 ancient Slavic alphabet – Glagolitic and Cyrillic how they were looked like. How changed Russian alphabet, and when it obtained its present view. Children had tried to write with pens and blacken. Pupils was seen all peculiarities, including blots, which were constant concomitant of Soviet pupils in recent past. Besides, children had an unique opportunity to print in typewriter by middle 20 century. This typewriter was belonged to famous Kuzbass writer- Igor Kiselev.

    July 10, 2012   «Night at Ivan Kupala»

    From 6 to 7th of July in museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” took place from one of the brightest and spectacular folk show “Night at Ivan Kupala”.
    Certainly, not everyone had an opportunity to meet kikimora, nix or wood goblin… Guests of holiday “Night at Ivan Kupala” could implement into a life theirs childish dreamery (or maybe fears) and to know more intimate all fairy personages.
    Besides the realization of dreamery, visitors saw many interesting and mysterious things at this holiday… The holiday took place at two stages: at the field of holidays and in the central area of museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.
    At guard of order in this day stayed near 10 carriage State Institution Ministry of the Interior, for safety at water were responsible workers State Institution EMERCOM, for safety of visitors were responsible medical organs. Among the guests were adults and children.
    In general, at holiday were gathered near 7000 people. The holiday began with statement of folk team and separate executor. At this day for spectators sang different teams.     
    Dancing groups “Krasota” of town Berezovsky was amazed spectators by choreography. Professional vocal teams, soloists, amateur collectives- all that spectators could see on folk show.     
    It’s believed that on Ivan Kupala, evil spirits stayed more active, that’s why for superstitions peasants, and you do not need to sleep at this time. People inflamed specially bonfire, which had own magic power, and could keep off all evil spirit.     
    The holiday of Ivan Kupala was filled with rites, connected with water, fire and herbs. There is a tradition to tell fortunes. Girls had told fortunes with the help of wreath.     
    Modern representatives had an opportunity to know how soon they will be married. If wreth which were lowered in river would swim, girl will be happy and will marry for her lover. If wreth was sank, lover wouldn’t be loved the girl.     
    Always there are many comic competitions and games at this night, also everybody had fun. At this night were worked shopman and market stalls. There were popular products from birch bark, cupal brooms. The holiday was ended at field of holidays with big colourful firework, which was neglected from water.

    Parallel to field of holidays was worked central scene of museum-preserve, where everyone could receive mass of emotions at cupal disco. Different directions of inflammatory music, son et lumiere. There was magnificent feelings of joyful celebration. Inflammatory animators organized fabulous celebration with multitude competitions and games.
    Visitors were amazed by fire-show. It was magical, extraordinary, witching. Spectators were applauded. People told that they had never seen such show before.     
    Vitaly Vydriganov is master of fire show. He was pleased to perform his show. Holiday was ended by 5 a.m. Meeting the sunrise it is the most unusual time for romantic people.     

    June 9, 2012   «Charms in Russian house»

    In 9 June 2012 objects of Russian collection from the funds of museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa came to inhabitants of the town Topki (Kemerovskaya oblast).

    Opening speech to attends addressed deputy the head of Topki – Shachnev Eugeny. He accentuated importance of exhibits between museums the exhibitory objects for saving and popularization historical-cultural heritage.
    Director of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» - Honoured worker of culture in Russian Federation – Kaplunov Valery told about exhibitory work of museum-preserve. He mentioned that in Topki for last years this is the second exhibit of museums objects. In 2010 there was an exhibition «Prehistoric Art in works of Kuzbass painters and children». Also Mr. Kaplunov addressed to administration of Topki with proposal to organize a trip to «Tomskaya Pisanitsa » for children from indigent families.
    The excursion to exhibit led deputy the head of funds section (Tomskaya Pisanitsa) – Eugenia Simonenko.

    On exhibit «Charms in Russian house » offers more than 30 objects from the collection «Russian textile fabrics» with embroidery.
    The basic significance of embroidery always was protective. Towels, napkins, rugs, clothes were decorated by embroidery. Embroidered the others parts of costumes which in beliefs of our ancestors, malign forces can penetrates into body of human.
    Collars, cuffs, hem, vent of neck embroidered by protective pattern. The cloth considered impenetrable for malign forces, because in its fabrication had participated objects, abundantly crested ornament. That’s why it is important to save the places, where ends bewitched textile of cloth, and begins body of human.
    To secure oneself away from evil spirits our ancestors placed at gate, at porch, frames of window and roofs special symbols.
    Practically, all windows of wooden izbas decorated most various ornament «Window opening that is not only a window in the world » into «white light » for inhabitants of izbas, but it is a spyhole for foreigners, foreign evil spirits, which can penetrates into or puts the evil eye on the others, whose manages to see in the window.
    From the funds of museum at the exhibit presents church objects (icons, icon lamps) and handwritten church books.
    Earlier, in each house had family icon, passed for generations, serves for home as security and protectress, that is amulet. Icon gave powers to survive hardship and asperity, helps to find the exit from difficult situation.
    From time immemorial diffused national magic amulet against witches, fairies, devil, evil spirits and evil eye was horseshoe. Horseshoe needs to nail with sharp end down, in order to secure from witchcraft, magic and devils. In the capacity of the amulet for luck, the ends of horseshoe needs to be on the top, foe safety the luck which come, run out.
    Thereby, amulets were usual objects, enriched magic function: defence, guarding. Amulets created by human, he made it intentionally, to save not only himself, but also his house, relatives.
    Except objects from the funds of the museum at the exhibit represents 20 russian rag dolls, which were made by scientific worker of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa » Svetlana Ivanova.
    Doll- initially was some sacral object and performed functions of amulet. Our ancestors believed that any doll little and big, can save house against disasters, gave peace of mind, facilitated illness and pain. Dolls haven’t got any faces, with painted face, they are alive, which means that had a soul, in which can move in evil power and harm by human.
    The exhibit in Topki will be operated to October 2012.

    June 4, 2012   The Exhibit «Antiquities of Kuznetskaya land»

    From the 1st of June on the territory of museum-preserve starts the exhibition «Antiquities of Kuznetskaya land » in which presents objects from archaeological funds «Tomskaya Pisanitsa». Collections of ancient artifacts which was found in burials and in settlements of the Stone Age, of the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Middle Ages by researchers. At the exhibits presents the materials of museum own expeditions (these expeditions runs over Yashkinsky and Urginsky regions) and on the territory of the museum and also finds of archaeologists made in other regions of Kuzbass.
    The exhibit appears prolongation and addition «Museum of Asian Rock Art». Its allow to meet with material culture of people, which carved the pictures on the rocks and in the stones of Pritomie in different time. Exhibit devotes to the Year of History in Russia.

    February 28, 2012   Maslenitsa

    On the 26th of February in museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” with great sweep celebrated Maslenitsa! For visitors of museum is one of the most funny, national and nourishing celebration.
    More than 7000 people could estimate the holiday atmosphere, had a tremendous time and tried tasty pancakes with tea. Open air celebrations was being duried for 4 hours, each of visitor could find its celebration.
    Vocal numbers was presented young performer of ensemble “Lukoshko”. Sounding of voices were liked by children and parents. National staffs were entertained by adult auditory.
    There was a tradition on Maslenitsa to build snow towns. In “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” there were 2 of such strongholds. For its safety stood Svyatogors (bogatyrs of Russian epic poems), guests of museum with happiness and excitement were destroyed ice wall. Winter should go away and Summer should open the road.
    At sports ground each person could participate at brave amusement: fought sacks or brooms, measured strength with tug of war, fought on hands, went for a drive in shovel, played hockey in traditional Russian popular footwear (valenki). One of the most amazing performances was climbing at fair pole for prizes. All were desired to bound to get to the top and took the main prize. This was screwdriver Interscol from the company “Bolshoy Remont”.
    Each participant of this competition were tried to climb on squard pole, but it was very difficult. Great number of prizes were discovered their possessors. Amateurs of passive rest - was an opportunity to find enjoyment in various drawings and lotteries.
    At fair tables was presented production of folk craft. Visitors could buy souvenirs. Hooker-in small-scale pedlar attracted attention of many visitors by theirs humorous catchphrases. Sweets, nourishing patties, doll Maslenitsa- all these things were bought. There were pancakes( the main dish of Maslenitsa). Delicious, fat pancakes lured people. In pagan tradition pancakes were compared with sun.
    Many people suppose that practice makes perfect. At “Tomskaya Pisanitsa ” pancakes were fluffy and browned. Ending of holiday was burning the scarecrow of Maslenitsa. In museum-preserve this ceremony took places twice: first at playground, and after in central scene.
    Beautiful fourmetres Maslenitsa dolled-up in bright sarafan was burnt. In 17 00 took place church service in honour of saints equal to the apostles Cyril and Mefodiy. At this time was accomplished rank of forgiveness.
    Every dog has his day. Don’t forget about Lent. You should finish holiday, reconcile with imminent. The religious should get ready at Lent.

    January 21, 2012   Epiphany

    At night of 19 January in village Pisanaya took place the holiday Epiphany.
    At 4th time museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” and eparchy of Kemerovskaya and Novokuznetskaya were organized holiday « Epiphany» at river Pisanaya. More than 500 people gathered together at this night in village. Somebody dip into ice hole and cleared soul. Somebody went for holy water. God touched to holy water at these days.
    At chapel Christmas, which situated in village Pisanaya, was began celebration of Great Day to all Christianity. Father Mikhail Smirnov, abbot of Temple-Chapel in honors of Saints equal to the apostles Cyril and Mefody at the territory of museum-preserve, greeted ripe and read prayer. After he proposed everybody to accomplish religious procession.
    To dip into icy water, you shouldn’t be resistant to cold, the most important to have strongest belief in God. Before the immersion you need keep within bounds. Not to feel so big temperature drop you need to rub yourself or to do exercises. Because the temperature of water composes 2 degrees of warm, and the temperature at outdoors composes -35 degree.
    Lifeguards and medics observed for everybody safety. In this night more than 200 people go through a ceremony at Holy water. Many of faithful did it for the first time. For them it was like real exploit. Feelings were amazing, like people were being born anew. They promised to go at Pisanaya village and cleared with such thereby.
    Cleared from mental and physical illnesses went chief of Yashkinskiy district –Anatoly Karoma with his wife. There were guests from Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk dipped into holy water with a joy.
    After dipping to cupel, all people could change into warm tent and got warm wit tea in gubernatorial tearoom. In this night there was an opportunity to gather Epiphany water. This was done for using this water all year for healing property, washed by this water and drank it.

    December 21, 2011   Exposition «Spelaean paintings of the Palaeolithic age»

    Ïåùåðíàÿ æèâîïèñü ïàëåîëèòà
    On the 20th of December 2011 in the museum of history, which situated in Kemerovo State University of culture and arts, took place the presentation of the exposition «Spelaean paintings in the Palaeolithic age», from the fonds of museum-preserve. The materials for exposition served photoproject by A. Solodeinikov, U. Liykhnitcy, L. Ilina and A. Ushko, concerned to monuments of ancient Rock art. These monuments were situated at cave Altamira (Spain), Lascaux, Rouffignac, Kosker, Nio, Chauvet (France), Kapova and Ignateva Caves (in the southern Ural mountains of Russia).
    The exposition was generated a lot of interest by attendees, majority of this people were students KemGuki. Director of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» Kaplunov Valery with welcoming speech, in which he underlined necessity of collaboration between educational institution and departments of culture in Kemerovo and Kemerovo region, marked shining example of this collaboration, this exposition was opened in Kemerovo State University of culture and arts.
    Ïåùåðíàÿ æèâîïèñü ïàëåîëèòà

    After was a statement of vice-chancellor A. Shunkov, adviser under university administration, academic secretary V.Bedin and director of museum History in Kemerovo State University of culture and arts E. Koveshnikova (candidate of historical sciences, associate professor). She marked scientific and cultural amount such actions as this exposition.
    Besides, candidate of historical sciences, senior lecturer of archeology department (Kemgu), scientific worker of museum-preserve «Tomskaya Pisanitsa» A. Mukhareva told about history of study the Palaeolithic cave art, authors, which presented in project of innovative scientific methods with computing technologies, which opened new prospects for research in this region of historic science.
    Ïåùåðíàÿ æèâîïèñü ïàëåîëèòà

    Show-bench were presented short history of studying caves, generic description, finally, photographs the most ancient images, which were made with using modern computer technologies. This method, employed by researchers, allows throwing to all waffle from photograph and retains only image itself. In front of opened amazing retrospection in distant past, in perilous and adventure world of primeval person, populated by unusual animals.

    Visiting exposition «Spelaean paintings of the Paleolithic age», everybody could get aesthetic satisfaction. Also you could meet with internal structure of caves and factors from history of studying.
    Exposition Spelaean paintings of the Palaeolithic age

    September 5, 2011   The resolution of International conference “Rock Art in modern society” (for 290th anniversary of the discovery of Tomskaya Pisanitsa)

    On the 22-26 of August in Kemerovo State University and in museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” was opened International conference “Rock Art in modern society” (for 290th anniversary of the discovery of Tomskaya Pisanitsa)..

    At conference participated specialists in the field of archeology, museology, culturology, study of art, restoration, geology, and also representatives of art professions from 12 countries far abroad and CIS ( Norway, USA, UK, Australia, Israel India, Mongolia, Germany, Italy, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan) and also 17 cities of Russia (Abakan, Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Minusinsk, Moscow, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Saint-Petersburg, Surgut, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk).

    At conference were worked 5 sections: «Chronology and interpretation of rock art», «Ancient images in modern art», «Actualization of rock arts monument» ( activity of museum-preserve, its conservation, popularization), recording of rock art, «petroglyphs of Pritomie» (history of opening, development of ideas, results of researches, and also panel discussion Cultural archetypes and problem searching of plastic equivalents in art of Siberian new archaic. At plenary and sectional meeting were made 105 reports, 70 of them were verbal, 35 were bench. 28 people were spoken. At conference were presented 5 exhibitions: «CHRONOTOP», «Rock Art in ÕÕ century», «Chronicles Paleoart», «Monuments of rock art: the experience of documentation and conservation», «Cavernicolous painting of The Paleolithic age».

    Participants of conference were mentioned high scientific and methodical level of reports, actuality and fundamentality of problems, which were delivered. They were expressed concern of condition the safety of rock art monuments in Russian Federation.

    Participants of conference considers necessary:
    1. Considering that long experience of monitoring the monuments of ancient art at territory of South and West Siberia, which took by cathedra of archeology in Kemerovo State University and Siberian Association of Prehistoric Art Research (SAPAR) to consider creation of common database and respective documentation for all famous locations of ancient sanctuaries. For foundation of creation database, to install all famous and openable immovable monuments of ancient and medieval art for state account; most important from it impart status of federal pregnant with goal for safety this important part of cultural heritage of Russian Federation.
    2. Considering importance of intensification the publishing activity for 2 directions:
      - publication of scientific researches, connected with cataloging, monitoring, conservation, cultural and historical interpretation for monuments of rock art.
    3. Continued for practice of collaboration and integration for researches in field of studying rock art for specialists of different profiles: archaeologists, museologists, culture experts, art historians, restorers, geologists, etc.
    4. To recognize particularly such area of work in conference as documentation of rock art in all off its aspects: history of development the methods of documentation, traditional methods and modern digital technologies; ethical and culturological aspects of documentation and etc.
    5. To recommend for extend work in this direction and to conduct in 2012 at the base in Institute of history and material culture and Academy of Arts. To create special scientific conference at this subject area with publishing collection reports and preparation for exhibition, concerned for history of development the methods of documentation rock art.
    6. To recommend creation in museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa a scientific and methodological laboratory for restoration monuments of rock art in Siberia. To identify next directions of activities at laboratory:
      - to organize of scientific expedition with purpose of studying monuments in Siberian rock arts;
      - to construct regular specific training workshop for specialists in the sphere of studying, restoration, museumification and popularization of rock arts monuments;
      - îto organize and to hold exhibitions, translating advanced experience at spheres of conservation and restoration of rock art monuments.
    7. To recommend administration of museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa:
      - to continue to study monuments in Pritomie rock art;
      - to ñonduct regular monitoring of condition the complex object Monuments of rock art in Pritomie at the base of collaboration with specific scientific and restoration founding;
      - to prepare explanation for inclusion the complex object Monuments of rock art in Pritomie at UNESCO list;
      - to solicit for Kemerovo administration for presenting claim and inclusions the complex object Monuments of rock art in Pritomie for the tentative list of UNESCO in order to national committee of Russian Federation for affair UNESCO.

    Participants of conference suppose that inclusion in list of UNESCO such monuments as Tomskaya Pisanitsa (Kemerovo region), Shalabolino (Krasnoyarsk region), Shishkinskaya pisanitsa (Irkutsk region), and also complex of rock art locations at river Elangash. Participants of conference extend appreciation and gratitude to support and help in holding the International Scientific Forum.

    August 22, 2011   III International Scientific Conference «Rock art in modern art»

    On the 22 of August 2011 in lecture hall of Kemerovo State University began III International Scientific Conference «Rock art in modern art», concerned to 290 years of scientific opening Tomskaya Pisanitsa.

    0n the 22 of August took place the first day of conference, in which was declared that 290 years old, scientists firstly began to study rock arts.
    After welcoming speech began plenary meeting. Scientists from Kemerovo, Omsk, Saint-Petersbourg and Sarpsborg (Norway) were presented reports, in which they discussed urgent problems of rock art.

    At the report of Sovetova Olga, DSc of history, told about opportunity of coping rock arts today spins up. Coping for mica-coated paper didn’t give such max exact repetition, as an exemple, modern digital technigue.
    Martynov Anatoly, DSc of history, remarked necessity of expansion by methodological access for rock art as heritage resources.
    Was presented art movement in modern art- it was new antiquity. It was at the report of candidate of philosophical science Chirkov Vladimir. New antiquity- this is form for modern art of Siberia, which assumed philosophical and culturological researches of Siberian culture, exposure its anthropological value, feature of regional self-consciousness in population.
    After plenary meeting in 16.00 in Kemerovo regional museum of the fine arts took place the opening of exhibition «Chronotop». At exhibition were presented works of painters from Australia, Belgium, Russia, South Africa. The main theme, connecting all this works, was the theme of antiquity art in works of modern experts.
    For exhibition were handpicked the best images and sculptures, in which authors conceptualize symbols of ancient rock art. Each of work earn attention. Besides paintings at exhibition were sculptures. Anthropomorphous creatures, which were at images of ancient sanctuary you can find at works of wooden sculptures of Valery Sysoev Besides painters was Belgian author. His works- these works, finished at programme Photoshop. At one of his work had an image of owl (the symbol of museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa).
    At 18.00 in Kemerovo State University was opening the exhibition «Rock Art of XX century». The main theme- was folk rock art. These are not images, which in modern time supposed as continuing of ancient art.
    How mentioned policy makers - these works are not reflection of vandalism, this is continuing of tradition rock art. Besides photoworks met imitation petroglyphs of ancient sanctuary Tomskaya Pisanitsa, but images of another theme: erotic, auto, images of leader’s Soviet people, etc.
    Ending of this day by opening the International conference by accepting Siberian Association researchers of rock art. On the 23of August participants of conference were presented their reports at sections. 0n the 24 of August were excursion in monuments of Pritomie Rock Art. On the 25 of August were worked on sections. On the 26 of August it was at museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa.
    On the 26th of August 2011 in museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa was a final day of International scientific conference « ROCK ART IN MODERN SOCIETY on the 290th anniversary of the discovery of Tomskaya Pisanitsa».

    0n 26th of August in «museum petroglyphs of Asia» in Tomskaya Pisanitsa at the section «Pritomie Petroglyphs». The history of opening, development in ideas, results of research. Were presented 15 lectures.

    Director of museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa opened the working section. Kaplunov delivered the report Museum-Preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa in his past and present. Many reports were devoted to questions of documentation and restoration of rock art monuments. At time of conference in «Museum of Asian Rock Art» operated 2 exhibitions: «Monuments of rock art»: the experience of documentation and concervation, in which demonstrates materials of work in last days for documentation, concervation and restoration of monuments in rock art (Siberia, Chukotka, Kazakhstan); the second- «Cavernicolous art of paleolith in France, Spain, Russia».

    For participants of conference was excursion in museum-preserve. At ancient sanctuary Tomskaya Pisanitsa conducted an excursion by academic of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, founder and Chief Specialist of museum-preserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa- Anatoly Martynov. Ñollaborator of GOSNIIR Restauration Aleksey Kochanovich told about the results of conservation works at monument. Also participants of conference visited interactive exposition Living Archeology, where each volunteer could shoot bow or make special ceramic vessel.

    At exposition Slavic Mythological forest was presented a rite of initiation at Perun warriors.

    Completed the meeting by presentation of document film «Tomskaya Pisanitsa. Crossing the Epoch». At the time of friendly supper foreign guests met with Russians folk songs performed by Honoured Artist of Russia Alexander Solovev and outfit «Skomorokhi».

    August 11, 2011   Documentary film “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Crossing Epochs”

    In June of 2011 was ended the work at documentary film “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Crossing Epochs ”. Film was created by Pro-Videniye Company. Scientific consultant were Anatoly Martynov (Honored Scientist of Russian Federation, DSc History, principal specialist in museum), and Anna Pokrovskaya (vice-principal in science of museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”.

    “Crossing Epochs ”- it is intersection of culture and worlds. Word “crossroads” was the most important in the title of this film. Spectators had an opportunity to see, how historical worth are become intertwined with worth’s of our time.

    The main theme of film was a presentation of museum-preserve “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” as storage of historical worth. You could see how is important this monument in our time.
    The rock is the main image of narration. Taking from different angles of rock images from ancient sanctuary create the atmosphere of mysteriousness. Scientific workers told about these images. What role does they plays in modern society? What for they were created? How long ago they were created?

    Film was shot in 2009, but ideal camerawork gave an opportunity for spectators to feel like ancient person, who assisted in putting images at rock.

    There is also crossing of history with show in this film. Holding in museum events helps people “touched for history”. Maslenitsa, Ivan Kupala, New-Year were presented brightly in film. Creators of film shows happy faces of children and adults, who had an opportunity to communicate with Father Frost. At Maslenitsa usually has burnt effigy. For Ivan Kupala you have an opportunity to send a wreath for calm smooth of the river Tom.

    At film museum presented not only as historical wroth, but also as preserve with amazing beauty of its forest. Also “Tomskaya Pisanitsa” confirmed status as preserve, because there was created mini-zoo with animals of Siberian taiga.

    This film intended for audience, for whom is very important the history of our ancestors. People who would like to know how lived people and would like to know about their beliefs many centuries ago.

    You could see commercial spot of film or buy DVD “Tomskaya Pisanitsa”. Crossing Epochs ” in our Internet-shop.



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