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Duty (operating mode)

Days of rest: Monday, Tuesday

The Museum works on: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. (sale of admission tickets ends a half an hour before the museum closes).

The museum works without lunch break.

Entrance fee:

For foreign citizens:
Adults - 200 rub.
Children, students - 100 rub.

In the days of the museum's activities in "Tomskaya Pisanitsa" the price oftickets is set to establish a separate order.


   Museum sightseeing tour Excursions ring
2350 rub. from the group,
For schoolchildren 1700 rub. from group

Tour service conducted for groups of no more than 25 people. Individual guide service provides for the payment of rates for group services.

   Excursions in expositions
   (order min. 3 expositions):

   Ancient sanctuary Tomskaya pisanitsa
   Architectural and ethnographic complex Shor ulus Kezek
   Slavonic mythology forest
   Museum of Asian Rock Art
   Mythology and epos of Siberian peoples
   Minizoo on the territory of "Tomskaya Pisanitsa"
   Mongolian jurt
   Time and Calendars
   Interactive excursion Live archaeology

350 rub. (for schoolchildren - 200 rub.)
300 rub. (200 rub.)
250 rub. (200 rub.)
150 rub. (100 rub.)
200 rub. (150 rub.)
250 rub. (200 rub.)
250 rub. (200 rub.)
250 rub. (200 rub.)
250 rub. (200 rub.)
100 rub. (50 rub.)
500 rub. (300 rub.)

   Conduct interactive excursions
5000 rub./ 1 hour

   Conduct interactive excursions
   in separate expositions
5001500 rub. (500-800 rub.) / 1 hour

   Service of organizational group out of time
   of working museum
(above host board)
1500 rub./ 1 hour

   Photographing in historical and theatrical costume
50 rub. / 1 photo

   Bike hire
100 rub.(50 rub.)/ 1 hour

   Ski hire
50 rub./ 1 hour

Note: for ski rent a visitor must leave a deposit in cash, equal value:
- For ski boots and wooden sticks - 1 500 rub.
- For plastic skis with boots and sticks rub. 2000.
- For children's skis - 500 rub.

20 rub./ 1 shot
50 rub./ 3 shots

   Modeling earthenwares
100 rub./ 1 thing

   Attraction horseback riding on a sledge
100 rub. (50 rub.)

   Attraction horseback riding
100 rub.

   Attraction horseback riding (phaeton)
100 rub.

   Attraction driving the articulated lorry
40 rub. (20 rub.)

   Attraction snowboarding (on sledge)
100 rub. (50 rub.)

   Attraction snowboarding

   - in the capacity of driver
   - in the capacity of child

200 rub. / 2 rounds
250 rub. / 2 rounds

   Attraction snowboarding for children
   (in the capacity of driver)
150 rub. / 2 rounds

   Attraction sledding Vatrushka
10 rub.

   The park amusement Forge Fortune

   - stamping of coins on yellow metal
   - stamping of coins on white metal

150 rub./ 1 print
100 rub./ 1 print

   Attraction driving the off-road buggy

   - in the capacity of passenger
   - in the capacity of driver

150 rub. (100 rub.)/ 1 trip
250 rub. (150 rub.)/ 1 trip

1 trip- round of 3 km.

   Attraction driving the all-terrain vehicle (ATV)

   - driving the all-terrain vehicle

250 rub. (150 rub.)/ 1 trip

1 trip- round of 3 km.



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