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Museum services

The museum-reserve Tomskaya Pisanitsa offers its visitors the following servises:


– pedestrian excursions all over the museum-reserve (excursions in expositions, museum sightseeing tour «Excursions ring». Research officers conducts the excursions. You should made an order premeditated for 5-4 day, before you visit the museum. You can order the excursion by the following phone: (8-3842) 75-10-90;

– the lectures, the consultations of research officers of museum;

– the souvenir kiosk;

– the parking bay and the cafeteria;

– photographing in historical and theatrical costume;

– coinage on metal (the park amusement «Forge Fortune»;

– archery, modeling earthenwares.

For enterprise customers:

– conduct interactive excursions;

– conduct theatrical excursions ( the initiation at military of Perun, Shamanistic ritual, the ceremony of sacrifice to world tree).
Экскурсия по музею-заповеднику
Живая археология
Фотографирование в доспехах русского воина


In winter:

– ski hire;

– horseback riding
  (on a sledge, riding, phaeton);

– snowboarding;

– sledding, tobogganing.

Катание на снегоходе   На снегоходе
Катание на ледяной горке   На санях
На снегоходе

In summer:

– bike hire;

– riding;

– driving the articulated lorry;

– driving the off-road buggy;

– driving the all-terrain vehicle (ATV).
Багги   Багги
Прокат велосипедов   Катание на лошади



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